Niyati was born to the Sharma’s after a long wait of 7 years. Being the only girl child in a huge joint family, she was pampered by all.

She was bright in studies, good in sports, and exceptionally talented singer.

She stood first in her district in the 12th Board Exams. She made her family proud and happy.

She won the Country Idol singing competition and a world trip.

From the small village girl, she became an Indian heartthrob.

I met her during my recent visit to Mumbai, she was singing some ‘Lata Mangeshkar’ song while rag picking on the platform. I was shocked to see her in that state.

Torn clothes, deteriorated health, pale skin, with lots of dirt on her face. When I approached her, she recognized me and tried to run away, but I caught hold of her.

We sat on a bench on the platform and she started sobbing and speaking.

“Sharad, during my world trip, I started using drugs, and during those high times, I do not remember how many times and with whom, I had sex, forget about using some protection. After coming back to India, my health started deteriorating, my doctor suggested some tests and I was found HIV positive. I do not know, was it the needles or unprotected sex, that made me infected, all I know now is I am HIV positive.”

“After knowing this, my family disowned me; the music company ended its contract. No friend came forward to help me. All my fans disappeared in thin air. I had nowhere to go.”

Thanks to a NGO, which fights for such causes, now Niyati has got a place to live; she has filed a case against the music company and she composes and sings songs about HIV awareness.


15 thoughts on “Niyati

  1. very sad to hear this.. even some educated people doesn’t know how to lead their life. But happy to see those NGOs who comes forward help those people. Kudos to them.

  2. I hope the girl sues the Music company’s pants off with the help of her NGO friends and makes enough money again to do drugs and have wild sex. Power to her!

  3. With that kind of an experience, it is fortunate that the girl escaped getting caught in the clutches of drug pushers and/or prostitution. NGOs are doing good work but at times need to take on local thugs and warlords carrying out nefarious activities. I hope she gets back to her creative normal life

  4. this is great work done Sharad.The new theme looks refreshing 🙂 and since none of u r going to write abt the Meet am posting ur pics if its ok wth u? and excerpts from ur mail so others know what happend, yeah?

  5. @ Reema

    I hope the same,I hope people do not get into a state Niyati is in


    At times…Truth is stranger than fiction


    Not only yours, but all the comment go into moderation 🙂


    Hats off to ur spirits 🙂


    God bless us all!! 😛

  6. @Gopinath
    Welcome to the blog 🙂 She will get back to normal with all our wishes 🙂 and her courage.

    @Dinesh Babu

    It is indeed unfortunate, and as far as awareness is concerned, we have to spread it 🙂


    The theme is old, but thanks if you found it refreshing 🙂

    I do not think, it is good to post pics, or write about it

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