Aman, Suman and Sneha were childhood buddies.

As they grew up, Aman and Suman fell madly in love with each other, while Sneha became their best buddy.

Sneha was in love with Aman too, but she kept silence. She was happy to see Aman ‘her love’ and Suman her ‘closest friend’ happy.

Both Aman and Suman were very fond of Sneha but after their wedding they had lost contact with her. She had left the town soon after their wedding, without giving any details.

Aman had come to know from Sneha’s relative that she had move to Delhi and was living with her aunt.

On his way to office after celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary Aman’s cell phone buzzed, the call was from an unknown number. Generally he ignored calls from unknown number, but he was in a good mood so he picked up the phone.

“Hello, how are you Aman?”

“Sneha… oh my god…Where are you? How are you? It’s been so long…what you have been doing”

“Aman, I will answer all your questions, can we meet at some restaurant today? What time are you free?”

“Sneha…You are in town and you didn’t even inform me? Ok… we will meet at Vaishali at 5 PM ok?”

“Ok done”

Sneha was waiting for Aman from past 15 minutes, it was not Aman’s habit to get late, but she thought it’s been 4 long years, so many things have changed.

Aman came at 4:20 with her favorite yellow rose bouquet.

After chatting about some how’s when’s and why’s Sneha asked Aman, “Aman, please listen very carefully to what I am going to say next.”

“I am suffering from cancer and I am in the last stage, I am not going to live for more than few months.”

Aman was shocked to hear that, but before he could say anything Sneha said, “I want a big favor from you Aman; I am in love with you ever since I know you. I thought you will understand my love, but you took my caring as a friend’s affection, and when I saw you and Suman loving each other and happy with each other, I decided to keep silence, I left the town after your wedding, because I no longer could withstand the pain. Later I was diagnosed with this fatal disease.

Aman… I want to live these last few days with you, as…as a wife. I want to cook for you, I want to wait for you, to come to me from office, I want to shower my love on you, I want to get in the comfort of your arms, I want to kiss you, I want to make love to you..”

She started crying hard while saying those words, Aman was left dumbfounded. He did not know what to say, how to comfort her. He was shocked by the news that she is going to die soon. He placed his hand on top of hers and asked her some time to think; she chuckled and said,” You are asking me for something I do not have.”

Aman told her that he will meet her tomorrow at same place and let her know.

Aman got back home very tense, should he tell Suman about what happened today? Should he say yes to Sneha’s last wishes? Will not doing the favor to Sneha, count as an infidelity towards Suman, which woman in her right mind will share her husband, even if it is for the last wish of her best friend. What if Suman was in his place and some guy has asked for a similar favor from Suman? How would he feel, if he come to know about it? 

Thousand thoughts were going in his mind, when Suman came and asked,” you are looking very tensed, what happened darling?”

After seeing Suman and hearing her lovely voice, Aman knew what he is going to tell Sneha tomorrow.


16 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. @ odzer

    😆 easy peesy for you dear, not for Aman…


    Its anyone’s guess 🙂


    Did I? good if I did 🙂

    Corrected the typo thanks 🙂 different people different perspective..for you it would be WTF but for odzer it would be easy peesy 🙂

    😆 frankly speaking..I thought about a sleazy end too..but decided against it 🙂

  2. aman should first take her to his doctor the next day and confirm whether she actually has cancer, u never know with girls these days…

    now if she actually has cancer, then his 1 month favor will ruin 2 lives.

    so its better that he be faithful to suman, and tell her the true thing;who knows if suman would also want to help her best buddy too. god bless sneha.

    the start of ur story seems well inspired from karan’ K2H2.

  3. @kaaren



    heheh … yea u never know.. may be he should take her to doctor.
    I never thought that you can think this way..ruining 2 lives..good..:)

    😆 u r ryt..suman might as well want Sneha to die happily and peacefully u never know…

    inspiration umm u can say so..:)

  4. First, you should stop watching too many Bollywood movies. Second, I think this story is like Schrodinger’s cat experiment. You won’t know if Aman did Sneha or not. He might have said Haan or Na. So the title should have been “Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa”.
    Question to self: Why the hell did I watch too many Bollywood movies?

  5. Thats very commendable of you not to specify the ending perfectly.The reader’s are somehow left to feed their own imagination.
    But very subtle of you to mention the ending in a neat manner…I am so relieved you didn’t went ahead and created a cheesy affair story. Aman did the right thing..sneha is going to die but that doesn’t means Aman’s relation with his wife should die as well.
    Nice story!
    Loved it.

  6. @Dinesh Babu

    hahah I guess I should..last week I watched Fashion and Golmaal returns back to back.. what a trauma it was.


    Cmon Sakhi.. u r ruining my repo(as if I have any 😛 )..what made u think I will think of sleazy end?.. once again.. u never know about girls these days..

    @ Mahak

    Thanks for loving it 🙂 even if I thought about a cheesy affair,I didn’t write it. and you are right I think Aman wouldn’t have ruined 2 lives for Sneha’s sake.

  7. Interesting the way you pointed out what Aman thought:”What if Suman was in his place and some guy has asked for a similar favor from Suman? How would he feel, if he come to know about it?” These phrases gave me an answer to what Aman decided to do next day.He loved his wife too much to accept Sneha’s propousal. Great Sharad, you always find the way to express so many things in your stories.

  8. @Sahaja

    I don’t know that he said yes…many readers are feeling he said yes :), may be I too…

    May be…the answer lie in the phrase.. Thanks for finding the expressions 🙂 🙂

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