Stink Operation

My sound sleep broke with the noise of falling utensils in the kitchen. I got alarmed; 2 days before a thief had broke into our society’s store room and stole quite a few things.

I could not find any suitable weapon, in case I encounter someone in the kitchen (I had heard plenty stories about hungry thieves). I saw my helmet nearby and carried it.( I am good at using helmet as a weapon, that story some other time.)

Luckily and thankfully I found no one there. I thought maybe there was an earthquake in Pune. I looked out of window, but saw no one. I switched on the T.V to check if something was on in the ‘Breaking News’ but the breaking news was “Aishwarya in Salman’s bedroom”, Katrina asked to throw her out”.

Again I heard a sound in the kitchen, I ran there and to my horror I saw a half-a-cat size mouse/rat there.I knew it was trouble, somehow I shoo,huhu,hrrrrr,chuchuckchuck him out, of the kitchen window.

Next day I bought that promising rat-kill stuff, which says “Chuhe ghar se bahar jakar mare”. I put it all over my house. I blocked all its possible entry points, and for few days I could not see it. I was happy, none of the rat-kill was consumed and the rat was also nowhere to be seen.

Yesterday, my wife told me some foul smell is coming out of bedroom, please check it. I spend the entire day in hall watching the recently concluded India-Australia test match.

I received a threat from my wife, that I will not be served any food, if I did not check the smell’s origin.

I put my sniffing nose on, and went into the bedroom; I sniffed in all possible places, and concluded that the smell is coming from under the bed.

I moved the bed and there it was, the rat was lying there with few ants around him. My wife shouted in horror, and ran into the hall. She asked me to put it away. I was not scared, but the rat’s body was so very unattractive plus the foul smell, I did not want to do the cleaning job, but I had to, who else would??

So somehow I gathered all the courage, picked the rat with help of a 2 stick and threw it out.

The stink operation had come to a dreadful end.



 P.S: The first 2 pictures are copyrighted to me, and the rat’s pic is from


12 thoughts on “Stink Operation

  1. @ Sharad : Hmmmmm. Poor thing. Anyway we have never had a rat/mouse infestation problem in this house. We have other interesting critters like roaches, ants, lizards and the occasional mosquito or two. You know India TV rocks, I can watch it for hours it is tons of entertainment they even have a guy that dresses up as a cop to do the news. I think India TV should replace DD as the national broadcaster they even have managed to get footage of cows being abducted by Aliens 🙂 “Khatre me ho sakte hain aap ke janwar!”

    Sharad: India T.V rocks..because it is number one sucks cuz it calls itself as newz channel..if you are bored India TV is D thing for you, I got lots and lots of material, I have one post specially dedicated to India TV, but its in drafts from a long time.

  2. I hate Rat smell. Too bad you had to deal with it. Hopefully your wife retracted your threat and you are back to eating again!

    Sharad: Indeed…I had a nice dinner… and I just cant stay without eating..even for hours…

  3. Sharad, I like your true life posts. They are interesting although this one did make me go.. eeeeeeeeeeeks!

    Sharad: I feel it was eeeekingly interesting. 🙂

  4. Now we know why no one goes after the jugular of corrupt politicians and babus! Living rats may be robbing you hollow but dead rats stink!

    Sharad: Welcome to the blog Vinod 🙂 hahaha dad rats stinks badly… but still I prefer dead stinky rats over live ones robbing me hollow. 🙂

  5. Expecting Breaking news about the sound came out your kitchen that’s crazy. LOL 😀
    Dealing with rats is terrible. It was such an headache. Atlast you cured it. Rocking you man 😛

    Sharad: I am crazier than you can think dude 😛 😛 😆 It was a tough job, handling the rat …

  6. Rat/Mouse glue trap is better, it glues the rat to itself and then you can throw it away with the live rat, somewhere. Unless human in you wants to un-glue the rat to set it free.

    Helmet is a nice weapon, both for offense and defense. 🙂

    Sharad: I never heard about the glue trap, may be I will search around.. I have seen another small rat raoming in my house..

  7. heee…heee…heee… i had the problem of rat in the hostel and once the idiotic rat ate the whole packet of chocolate 😦 😦

    Sharad: ahhh eating the chocolate was really very bad… poor you..

  8. One day a small rat came in our house. It was so small that my mother caught and picked it up in a cloth. She looked at him closely, the rat was so clean and its skin so pink that my mother laughed and said,”Looks like bachcha nahakar aaya hai” 😀 😀
    Tell this to you wife, Sharad, there are good rats too 😛 And we don’t kill them, instead throw in neighbors lawn (my idea 😀 ) …

    Sharad: Dude who is going to catch a live rat?? holding a dead one was so difficult for me 😆

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