Hari Om

Om was breathing hard, for the second consecutive time; he had lost the 200m race to Hari.

Om ran faster than Hari, but the chanting “Don’t worry Hari” distracted him and he turned to see whose voice was that.

Sunayana with her hair loose and falling over shoulder was looking gorgeous and Om could not take his eyes away from her, and that few seconds cost him the first position.

After the race, he searched for the Sunayana but could not find her. Later he saw her going on bike with Hari, it broke his heart and he started hating Hari more.

Hari and Om were known for their animosity in the college. They always compete each other, be it in academics, college elections, or sports. (Not always in a healthy manner.)

Next day Om saw Sunayana sitting in library alone. He went and sat near her.

She smiled at him and said you ran well yesterday, but before he could say a thank you she said, “You can never beat Hari.”

He didn’t know how to respond, should he tell her that he lost the race because of her?

He started meeting Sunayana regularly and in no time he was head over heels in love with her.

In following years, his attachment towards her and hatred towards Hari had increased manifold.

Sunayana was in dilemma, she was aware of Om’s hatred towards Hari, and his growing fondness towards her. She could not decide when to tell Om about her relationship with Hari.

On a wonderful evening, Om went on his knees and asked the question. He was expecting a “Yes” but Sunayana said I want to talk to you about Hari.

Om got furious, how in God’s name, Sunayana could take Hari’s name on such an important day in his life. He left immediately.

He stopped receiving her calls, he deleted her messages without reading them, and he started distancing himself from her.

After few days, he started missing her; he thought of apologizing for his behavior.

He went to Sunayana’s home, and before he could ring the bell, he heard a familiar voice from inside, it was Hari’s voice. His blood started boiling again, but he thought, today he will clarify everything. Either he is going to have Sunayana or he will kill both Sunayana and Hari.

He rang the bell. Sunayana answered it. She asked him to come inside and sit.

Hari was nowhere to be seen, Om was about to ask her about him when the phone rang. Sunayana went and picked it up. She listened for 2 minutes and shouted “Bhaiyya, aapka phone hai”.Hari came to answer it.

Om and Sunayana are married for 2 years now. Hari and Om are trying their best to be on good terms, last they fought was for what should be the name of Om’s first baby. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Hari Om

  1. A happy story! yeyyy!!

    Little unbelievable though. How could he not know even after so many years? Its not possible.

    Sharad: 🙂 it is possible, everytime she wanted to tell him about hari he would get upset, so she chose to be silent. Everything is possible, impossible itself says i-m-possible 😆

    Never mind, its a unbelievable story 🙂 🙂

  2. hehe……felt start was like bollywood….aur beech main kahani mein twist….:P

    anyways…nice story and once again happy ending lol!! 😀

    Sharad: Thanks 🙂 i thought twist was in the end 🙂 😆

  3. I knew Reema would find a loophole, she is a practical person. Sharad jara bachke bhai 😀
    Nice story 🙂

    Sharad: With all due respect to Reema, I do not think it was a loophole, Hari and Om were like enemies so she hid it from them.

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