Sushma hurried as she saw the elevator door closing, she was already late to office and missing the elevator would cost another 5 minutes.

She started walking fast, almost running, when she stepped on her sari, she knew it is going to hurt, she saw the floor coming close to her as suddenly someone caught her.

She was embarrassed; she gathered herself and her belongings and rushed to her office on 7th floor using the staircase. Once in the enclosed space of her cabin she took a deep breath and realized she didn’t even thank the person who caught her. But she very well remembered his face, a smiling face, and he smelled even better, she started thinking what cologne he must be using, she still remembered his strong arms, his wonderful eyes when suddenly the phone rang.

Her boss has summoned her to his cabin; she was supposed to go to Delhi for a 2 days conference the next day. One person from finance department, whom she did not know was to accompany her.

To her surprise, the same man who caught hold of her was sitting with his boss.

She could not understand, what she was feeling, was she happy that this charming young fellow is going to be with her to Delhi or embarrassed as she did not even thank him.

15 minutes later, Amit (the guy who saved her from falling) and Sushma were chatting near the coffee machine, Sushma never felt like she had met him only once and that too few minutes ago, they were chatting like childhood friends, and such was Amit’s charm.

The first day of conference was boring; during the conference they met couple of potential clients and nothing more.

Amit suggested that in the evening they should go and explore Delhi, and they did.

Sushma was having the best times of her life; she was really enjoying Amit’s company. He had a great sense of humor, he was a gentleman too.

While trying to catch the metro train, Sushma sprained her ankle. She was unable to walk; Amit carried her in his arms to her room.

An hour later, he even brought her dinner, it was one of the most delicious foods she was having in recent times, and Amit’s company made it even better.

She was feeling like she was in a dream world hearing Amit’s sweet talks, when Amit’s cell phone rang and brought her to reality. Amit excused himself to his room.

She thought about her husband, she started feeling guilty, how could she do this to him. She called him up and talked for about and hour. She decided that as soon as Amit comes back, she will tell her about her marital status, and she will try to stay away from him, but Amit did not return.

Next day she could not find him in his room, she did not even see him during the conference. He was not even picking up his mobile phone. When she returned to her room in the evening, she found a bouquet of roses and a note. The note was from Amit.

“Dear Sushma, I had a wonderful time with you. I had to rush back to my home town as my wife is being taken to the hospital for delivery of our first child. I am sorry I could not even say a proper good bye to you as I have to make arrangements for my travel. I will not be coming to office for another month, so see you after a month. Take care and keep smiling.”

Sushma called her husband up to say she will be home in another 3 hours, and to her husband’s surprise she even said I love you a couple of times in their brief conversation.



12 thoughts on “(in)Fidelity

  1. Somehow i think u got inspired by the Movie “Life in a Metro”…..
    But overall the story was good…

    Sharad: i didnt even watch that movie, even if it is..what the heck.. it was good na 😆

  2. nice story.
    liked it.
    much better from ur previous such fictions.

    Sharad: I am surprised that you like it 🙂 and happy too 🙂

  3. i read a blog for the first time……………..and i loved it, would like to read more from you 🙂

    Sharad: Welcome to the blog 🙂 there are plenty of posts here… keep reading and visting 🙂

  4. Nice one 🙂 first time i dint see a sad ending 😛

    Sharad: Everyone was tired of sad endings, so I thought to put it this way, according me its still a sad ending 🙂

  5. Hmmm the Sushma woman seems to very accident prone almost to the point of it being dangerous to hang around with her. Anyway nice story. Although I do not see why she should feel guilty all she did was spend sometime with this man.

    Sharad: Odzer.. you always interpret things differently… I means I would love to be with a woman whom I can carry every now and then, if she sprains her ankle 😛 and She was feeling guilty about the wild and evil thoughts in her mind…remember…they were just having the dinner 😛

  6. hmmm… i am having a tough competition here!! 😀 😀 Good one dude!!

    Sharad: No competition ma’am.. I am way ahead 😛 I mean you are way ahead 😛 😆 😀 I guess I already told you, I got inspiration to write stories after reading your stories 🙂 🙂

  7. @ Sharad : Depends on how much she weighs. Also to be honest having thoughts and feeling guilty about them is ridiculous. Most people even imagine things while having sex or else it would be boring with the same person each time!

    Sharad: Sure.. Size does matter… it is ridiculous, but most Indian women are groomed that way..too feel guilty…even talking about sex is considerred taboo.. leave alone imagining :P…I am sure you are aware that Sushma was an INDIAN WOMEN.

  8. @ Sharad : I don’t care if she is Indian or Algerian, it just does not make sense to feel guilty about something so trivial. Hmph! Anyway if this was the case with all Indian women we would have been extinct by now but it seems India is a very populous country.

    Sharad: Odzer let me be very clear..talking and imagining about sex(with other person than spouse) is taboo not having sex 😛

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