All for love

Arjun was in love with Aarti from childhood.

During his school days he use to do Aarti’s homework, carry her school bag, buy her chocolates out of his small pocket money.All for love

He even took Physics-Chemistry-Biology as his subjects, when he really wanted to become a successful engineer. All for love.

He was not good at biology, while studying biology all he could think was the chemistry between him and Aarti.Aarti got selected in the pre-medical test and so did Arjun, he studied hard, he knew Aarti would get selected. All for love.

Arjun got a higher rank, but still preferred to be with Aarti in her college.All for love.

Aarti and Arjun were from same caste too, their parents were family friends… it looked like they will end up happily married.

Aarti was madly in love with Arjun too, she was just waiting for him to pop the question.

Aarti was looking gorgeous in her wedding dress, Arjun was feeling so lucky to have her as life partner.He gave Aarti a peck on the cheeks, when suddenly someone threw water on him.

He woke up, he was in central jail, accused of rape and murder. Rape and murder of Aarti.

“Aarti got late while treating the last patient at her clinic, when she was about to leave, Sunny the MP’s son got in and raped her, later he brutally murdered her too. Last week she had slapped him in front of a large crowd, when he tried to molest her.Arjun was the first person to find her in a pool of blood, he was the one who called the police in.”

Arjun was convicted of the crime and is serving a life term.


11 thoughts on “All for love

  1. Awww i hope its fiction!! I dont like sad endings 😦

    Sharad: It is fiction, but similar cases have happened in the past, people with influence do get away at times.

  2. 😦 😦 that was reaallyyyy sad!! Like reema, i hate sad endings. even though i know that life is not all the rosy picture! 😦

    Sharad: Like Reema and you I too hate sad endings… 😦 but what to do..while writing my evil mind produces such stuff… u r right.. life is not all roses.. and I guess I am the one seeing or showing thorns 😛 😆

  3. How Shakespearean. Nice ending though. I would have preferred it a bit more darker though.

    Sharad: Ahh a bit more darker… man… u are really weird…. u love violence and prefer tragic ending… hmmmm..

  4. thats so sad :(…..something is missing…..something called smile..Is it just a work of your mind or did any similar incidents happen?? :O

    Sharad: well its just a work of my evil mind… but i feel incident like these must be happening..

  5. Good one…reminded me of Nitish Katara at few places!!
    “Romance is the privilege of rich, its not for middle class!!”
    Very strong short story.

    Sharad: Thanks!! 🙂

  6. Hey i m fond of short love stories but not with sad endings….
    continue writing such stories but try to create Happy endings this time….

    Sharad: I will try… 🙂

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