Quarter-life crisis

Day before Yesterday I turned 25.

It was my Happy Happy Birthday day before yesterday πŸ™‚

Wastage of Cake

Wastage of Cake

For the first time in my life I cut 2 cakes on the same day πŸ˜€

One of the Cake

One of the Cake

While wishing me happy birthday one of my friend told me that “we should enjoy your quarter birthday(25th) with a quarter.” Fortunately/Unfortunately I could not fulfil his quarterly wish, but then we started discussing quarter life crisis and are we really going through it?

We discussed some emotional and financial aspects about QLC as I will call it hereon.

Friend: Yaar… what kind of Job we are into, I always wanted to be in core industry, doing some real stuff.

Me: Dude… by core you mean job into a Mechanical industry?? Are you doing some virtual work in IT(laughed on my own joke πŸ˜€ )

Friend: Yes.. I want to go back to Indore..live with family yaar.

Me: You want to work in a mechanical Industry or you want to go to Indore and work?? Be clear man..

Friend: I want to work in a Mechanical industry at Indore.

Me: So were not you doing it before joining IT?

Friend: Yes..but then I saw you earning so much in IT, enjoying life and me doing so much of hard work and earning nuts.. you know Lalaach buri bala hai.

Friend 2( who was silent till now): Why don’t we open some workshop? Put up some lathe’s and drills and get people to work, we can start small.

The idea got the 3 of us really worked up, we had some serious discussion on it until friend 2 said, I know some place in Pune, from where we can get lathe and drill machine.

Me: I thought we were going to set it up at Indore…. if we had to stay in Pune.. being in IT is not bad at all..

Friend: yes..its not bad, but job satisfaction is not there.

Friend 2: You people can never be happy, I am very happy with my IT job, I was tired of the 7-9 Mechanical job, interacting with those stubborn workers was a real pain in the ass.

Friend: Whatever…what happened to the IT park that opened at Indore? Did anyone buy it? Is some company going to setup a branch or a centre there?

Me: I heard it has now turned into a sabji mandi.

Friend: Tell me Sharad, what kind of job did you want when you you first thought about working.

Me: I wanted a job where a car will come to pick me up, drop me back home, my office will be AC, I will get a nice pay package,and I just will sign few cheque’s and documents. An I guess except for the last part, I am getting all I wanted. So I guess I too am pretty happy with my job.

Finally all 3 of us decided that we were satisfied with our job.

Our discussion continued, it went to discuss things like how secured are we financially and how secured are we in our relationships and so on…

Finally we concluded that none of us are going through the QLC, and i guess we had gone through some aspect of QLC much before we turned 25.

Tired of typing….

Don’t know what the future holds.


14 thoughts on “Quarter-life crisis

  1. u luv this black T-shirt, don’t u???

    Sharad: Yes do…. [:)]… and I know… People are now to used to see me in black [:P]

  2. wah re wah…
    u told me not to post comments in 1 go so that pple see more no. of comments.

    and nw that ur blog is popular…u

    wah re wah.

  3. Sharad, happy birthday. I had no idea you were not even 25! Your first avatar picture sort of misled us all. πŸ™‚

    Sharad: haha I knw I look older..atleast in the pics πŸ™‚ Thanks for ur wishes

  4. sometimes we guys(i hope u get it whom “WE” refers to) also have some seriuos discussions like this but i got the responsibility to end those discussions in a humouruos manner……….anyways wish u a gr8 “quarter” bday πŸ™‚

    Sharad: Thanks!! πŸ™‚

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