Ban on Smoking

I just wonder why the health ministry is so keen to ban smoking in public places.

Mr. Salve, Mr. Jaitely tried to put a stay on the ban arguing the definition of public places.

Additional Solicitor General Mr. Gopal Krishnan argued against the stay on ban saying that Smoking is injurious to health..hahahaha news huh?

If the ministry is so concerned about citizen’s health why not ban selling of cigarettes??


Nagesh was a chain smoker, but he never smoked at his home. After the ban on smoking in public places got effective, he started smoking at his home. Nagesh just can’t quit smoking, how hard he tries. He can’t go out and smoke because he is afraid of being caught.

Nagesh is having altercations with his pregnant wife daily, she has unwillingly became a chain smoker too, a passive chain smoker, their yet to be born child has started smoking before even getting born.


The story is just one aspect of the ban. I myself do not like smoking or smokers, but I feel the ban is not justified.

P.S: Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. 


10 thoughts on “Ban on Smoking

  1. Sharad, this is exactly what I am writing on for tomorrow post! 🙂

    Sharad: Ahh.. so I beat you… 🙂 but I know your post will be full of research and statistics, will love to read your side of the story.

  2. Govt cant afford to ban smoking Sharad…Anyways, these are things which have to be changed fundamentally at the individual level…But let me tell you, in UK, last July ban on smoking in public places was put in place…Its sooo nice coz wherever we go atleast non smokers are free from becoming a passive smoker….I was there in Netherlands where the ban was not in place and it was horrible….and there was significant change noticed before and after banning!! So I guess, ban should be in place still !! Who knows, Nagesh jaisa log, can come to quitting once they realsie the harm they are doing to not only themselves but also others!!

    Sharad: I understand that Govt cant afford to ban smoking Sahaja, and that is my whole point.Why is Govt being so hypocrite? I too will love to be in a place which is smoke free,but think about it from a smoker’s perspective.

  3. Sharad, I think I und what you mean….Do u mean to say , either yes or no types…There is complete ban or no ban right?? why to sling between these….well if thats what you mean, we cant bring change overnight…and as i said, it should be from individual rather than a law imposed…also the more we try to suppress/ban, the more it goes out of control(like this underground stuff)….anyways its debatable!!
    Good post, thought provoking!!

    Sharad: Thanks 🙂 Yes you understood what I meant.

  4. Unfortunately Tobacco is a huge industry. Banning cigarette means unemployment of all those working in the factory. So Govt. will play it safe otherwise they lose the votes of those workers.

    Sharad: Absolulety correct, so why bam smoking in public area too???

  5. The ban is ‘lit’ and later, it ‘smokes’ off into ‘ashes’…
    As long as cigarettes are available, and as long as people have money to bribe, the ban will never work!

    You are lighting your pyre yourselves! 😐

    Sharad: You are so right…. in the morning I woke up switched on the TV and saw 2 police man smoking at public place, captured by Star News. In the evening at my office, every smoker was smoking :). It has gone to ashes before it could be lit.

    Also Pune Police has issues a statement that they are bz with CYG so will look into the ban only after CYG gets over.

  6. once getting addicted to smoking, there’s no turning back =(
    The only thing we can do is to prevent the young generation from trying to smoke…

    Sharad: We cannot prevent people there is no turning back.. but with a strong will one can quit smoking, I know many people who have quit smoking. 🙂

  7. It doesn’t matter anyway! Even if there is a ban, how are they going to ensure it? the only thing that these bans and laws invite is bribery, nothing else. Ok, may be that’s an overstatement 😛

    Sharad: Absolutely right.. the ban is in place, but not ensured 🙂 I can see thousands of people smoking in public area 🙂

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