Half Duped

Golu who works in a MNC was getting back to home from work on his bike when a decent looking guy asked for a ‘lift’. Golu gave him the ‘lift'(  😆 ) and both started conversing.

The guy told Golu that he works with a MNC (the same MNC Golu works for). Golu then asked him what kind of company is that and does it have branches in Pune?( He was cross checking if the guy was telling truth.) The guy replied with details. He then asked him about what kind of work he does over there and who is the department head. The guy once again replied with authentic details.

The guy then asked Golu for some money as he wanted to go to Mumbai urgently and has lost his wallet.

Golu told him that he can arrange for a Mumbai ticket but he will not give him any money.

Golu took him to bus stand bought a ticket for Mumbai and made sure that the guy was sitting in the bus.

But the urge to smoke took over and Golu went for a smoke, before the bus started.

Golu went to the bus again to make sure the guy is in the bus and is really going to Mumbai, but to his surprise the guy was missing.

Golu got angry with himself; although he did not give away money and acted pretty smartly he was duped.

It was dark now, and Golu thought to go to the same spot again, and surprisingly found the same guy asking for a lift. As it was quite dark now, the guy could not recognize Golu.

Golu caught him, slapped him a few times, and punched him nicely. The guy returned Golu 180 Rs and told him he returned the ticket and got the money.

Golu returned back half furious, half smiling to amuse me with his story.

P.S: Golu is nick name of my friend Anurag Upadhyay and he works for Cap Gemini, the name of my friend and his company has NOT been changed upon his insistence.

Moral of the Story: Avoid giving lifts to unknown people, it might be dangerous. 


5 thoughts on “Half Duped

  1. Ohh I must give link to this post some of my guy friends. So did the fraud really work in Cap Gemini?

    Sharad: Pass it on 🙂 I don’t mind free publicity hehehehe.Yes, the fraud use to work for Cap Gemini, but was not working there, when the incident took place.

  2. And you see how satisfying it can be to punch someone? Anyway nice little story. I once gave a lift to this old frail looking man I was very young then about 22. He started asking me all sort of questions about my sex life etc. I then got a feeling he kind of liked me. I have never again given a lift to anyone after that. As for the ticket fraud I have seen that happen often enough. Stay away from strangers is not a bad advice, mommy really did know the best.

    Sharad: 😆 the punch was in a way justified odzer. hehehe you just don’t seem to leave violence aside. 🙂 You felt that the old frail looking man liked you 😛 .

  3. Nice share……I don’t believe in giving or taking lifts at all!!
    But your golu…heehehe…hmm now he has burnt his hands he will I am sure be careful..

    Sharad: Well golu didn’t learn his lessons, he bought a train ticket for an old couple from Pune to Aurangabad, and made sure that they left from ther station, though I am sure they must have got down at the very next station.

  4. hmmm… i do agree with mahak that not only giving lift is dangerous but taking it is also very dangerous! But you know, i don’t think “golu” is wrong in giving lift to old couple.. i would have done the same… some how stupid people like us never learn!!

    Sharad:he is not wrong… but he needs to be more careful 🙂 you never know….

  5. This case is not just with lifts… Once an old man stopped me on the road telling he had come from some village to visit somebody in Chennai and when he went to their house it was locked and now he had no money to go back to his village… then he was like he knew comebody in Koyambedu (The bus station in chn)so he asked me to help him go to koyambedu…. I generally don entertain such ppl.. but this man seemed genuine… So i gave him 10 bucks and showed him the busstop from where to take a bus to Koyambedu,,,,

    The very next day I saw the same man in the same place… asking for money,,, and best part is the man stopped me again… and I was shocked to see him there… but guess he dint recognise me…

    Even tho I lost just rs.10… and i dont regret giving it to him… I somehow lost the trust…

    And this is just 1 incident… I have seen a lot of other ppl who say they are lost.. some say they are really educated people, but lost their purse… they make up all sorts of reasons… Coz of incidences like this next time someone in genuine need of help might not get it…

    Sharad: whoa… felt nice to know you can write such a long comment. You are right… with incidents like this happenings the genuine might not get the help.There are alot of conman around..be careful

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