Happy Children’s Day

I know Children’s day falls on 14th of November, but yesterday talking about childhood, reminded me of an incident happened on Children’s day.


I had an argument (actually it was a terrible fight) with my boss over an issue which was not related to work. I was very angry that he could even bring up such topics in office.


I went to canteen after the fight and called up one my friend who worked in same office.


She came with a broad smile on her face, and said “Happy Children’s day”. I was not in a good mood; I gave her an angry look and shouted WHAT????


She got a bit scared and said “I will not let the kid inside me die”. Before she could say another word, I flooded her with questions, Oh my god, are you pregnant? When? Who? How?


She gave me a weird look and told me she just read an email forward saying “There is a kid inside all of us, Never let the kid inside you die, Happy Children’s Day.” and she re framed the sentence because she got tensed with my angry look.


Both of us hit the floor laughing.


I hope the kid inside is still alive. 😛




6 thoughts on “Happy Children’s Day

  1. That is to funny.lol
    I can just imagine when she told you and you both realized what had just happened, it would have been hilarious.
    So it mad for a better day after your fight with the boss, yes?
    Laughter and humor I do believe have to be the best medicine ever!
    Thanks for sharing this, something we all should be reminded of, never let our child inside die.

    Sharad: Hey Welcome to the blog!! you are right.. laughter is indeed the best medicine. Keep visiting the blog.

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