Honest Blogger Award

I got awarded as an “Honest Blogger” by Sakhi. I am happy 🙂

Yesterday I got tagged for the first time and today I received an award for the first time.

I use to conduct daily prayer while I was in school for almost 3 years.I had an additional responsibility for saying a “Thought for the day”.

Whenever I could not find a new thought, my thought for the day use to be “Honesty is the best policy”.I guess I might have said the same thought for at least 100 times. 🙂

The tradition is to award the same to some fellow bloggers.

I think 2 people truly deserve this award one is my younger brother Bhushan, and other is Karan.Both of them write seldom, and their blog is read by a rare few.

On closing note once again I would like to quote “Honesty is the best policy”.


6 thoughts on “Honest Blogger Award

  1. Thanks for the award,

    i do write seldom and very few read them; No doubts that i deserve the “honest blogger award”.

    Sharad:I hope u knw..Honesty has got nothing to do with number of posts and readers.

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