Child Care

She was so happy to see her new born baby, he was charming, his smile was cute and his cheeks were so chubby that she could not stop herself from pulling them every now and then. Her husband, the newborn’s father, was also very happy to have a son, although he would have preferred a daughter.

He took the baby to hospital, paid the doctor 1000 rupees and the baby was taken to operation theatre, where his hands were amputated, and blood was taken out.

She was crying but could not do anything; they cannot afford a healthy baby.

She was showing him to tourist at Gateway of India, his hands were amputated and he was very skinny, he no more had chubby cheeks.

The tourist gave her a 10 rupee note and took a photograph.

She was delighted, after giving Sudhira ‘the local’ Dada 5 rupees and her husband 2 rupees, she can have 3 rupees for herself. She could feed him something.

She lives the life of a beggar at Mumbai, she had come here from her home town in UP to earn some money.



8 thoughts on “Child Care

  1. I think i missed something along the story line… Cna you please tell me!! I feel stupid for not getting you line of thought but do humour me and let me know!! please!! 😳

    Sharad:Actually I felt stupid after writing few posts on my blog 😦 I have edited the post and hopefully you will be able to understand it now.I guess I was the only one who understood it 😆

  2. You mean to say, the parents actually got their own child’s arms amputated! 😯

    And the doctors did it!! 😯

    Too shocked to say anything!!! 😦

    Sharad: 🙂 I am happy that u understood 🙂 I know sometimes my usage of English is very poor.Don’t be shocked, its very common among beggars to get themselves and their relatives/children get amputated.I remember long time back, one such racket of doctors and beggars were exposed at my home town, and they were on the front page of many newspapers.

  3. They were real doctors (i men, with a degree?) or just some quacks who practice as doctors!! 😯 I am still shocked, beyond belief!!

    Sharad: Yes they were real doctors!! Believe it or not!!

  4. I’m shocked. Disgusted !

    Oh my. And real Doctors??? Bloody hell!!

    sorry tu give such a comment the first time! 😦

    Sharad:I was shocked too….you are welcome 🙂 at least u commented 🙂

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