When Sharan saw Albeli in sari on teacher’s day, he had butterflies fluttering, his heart beating faster. He was surprised with his own feelings. He was in 11th standard and almost all his classmates were in love or at least claimed to be in love.

Sharan and Albeli knew each other from their childhood, they were neighbors and spent almost entire day together. Until this day he never felt like this, he could not fathom the sudden change.

Was he in love with Albeli? Or was it just a passing moment, a random feeling? Or was it because of the constant teasing from his friends?

He came to no conclusion.

8 years later, Sharan saw Albeli in a sari again; he had the same butterflies fluttering, his heart beating faster. This time there were no friends around to tease him; the feelings were not random but genuine.

He came to the conclusion that he was in love with Albeli’s Sari. 🙂 🙂

Now do not ask me if she was wearing the same sari.

P.S: Sharan now owns a Sari shop, and Albeli is one of her regular customers.


8 thoughts on “Love?

  1. Agar tu gaur kare ..bapat….
    To tere Blogs sabse jyada Ladkiyn hi padkhati hai…..
    and u know that oonka I.Q level bahut hi kam hota hai…ooper se Sence of Humuor bhi bahut kam hota hai….

    Sharad: Swapnil bhai….jalne kee boo aa rahi hai….. mere blog par ladkiya comment jyada karti hai… pata nahi kyu ladke comment nahi karte… ab konsa gender jyada padta hai.. yeh I cannot say…and I do not agree kee ladkiyo ka IQ level aur sense of humor bahut kam hota hai… i know of some very intelligent and humrous ladkiya 🙂 🙂

  2. what an anti-climax sharad!! a sari shop???? ❓ aur kuchh nahi mila likhne ko???? 😛 😛

    Sharad: hehehe mila tha… but likh nahi paya.. isse bhi jyada stupid tha…

  3. hahahah Awesome ending 😀 U keep proving urself time and again… Keep it up buddy 😀

    Sharad:I get inspirations from friends like you 🙂

  4. LOL…this reminds me of Life through a window!!
    *He came to the conclusion that he was in love with Albeli’s Sari. 🙂 :)* hahaha…hilarious!

    Sharad: lol… atlast some found it funny!! 😆

  5. thanks to sarvapalli radhakrishnan that sharan now owns a sari shop.

    Sharad: 😆 Yes he needs to…He has got a pic of sarvapalli radhakrishnan in his shop.

  6. u already have got comments like awesome…hilarious.
    left with nothing more funnier to comment that even i will have to say god!! awesome man LOL.

    but plz dont keep writing such funny blogs, it gives me stomach-aches.

    Sharad: I am thinking of blocking you..marking your comments as spam 😛

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