Law & Order

It was raining hard, and Shravan was drenched completely. He was afraid that his important documents in the bag might get wet as well.

While going to the office his mother has asked him to take a rain suit or an umbrella with him, which he conveniently ignored saying “Mom, its not cloudy, and it has not rained from 3 days, it will not rain today.”

Now he was regretting not taking an umbrella, he was thinking that not just this time, but almost every time he ignored something his mother asked him to do, he regretted not doing it.

Law of Mother Nature??

Chaitali and her friends were in a hurry. They had to finish their lunch quickly, the Macrohard Tech Meet was going to commence in half an hour. So she quickly ordered 2/3 Veg Manchow Soup, A paneer tikka masala, butter naan’s and fresh lime soda.

To her amusement the waiter brought soda and soup together and then the main course. She remembered reading Sharad’s blog about a meal in Chennai.

Order of the items ordered is important too.


7 thoughts on “Law & Order

  1. There is a law of nature that says parents are always right…at least in my case:)

    Sharad: I guess for everyone Parents are always right.

  2. I thought it was a story but then its not. I regret not listening to my gut feeling the most and after many experiences now I try to listen to it always.

    Sharad: 🙂 My experience also tell me that we should listen to our gut feeling.

  3. hmmm.. nice post.. i do remember ur “a meal in chennai ” post fiurst comment was on that post 😀
    my mouth is watering because of the items u mentioned there 😛

    Sharad: I remember too. 🙂 but ur frequecy of visting and commenting on blog is almost nil 😦

  4. Unconnected ramblings ! LOL…what does th rain and Shravan have tu du with Chaitali ?? LOL…yu’re hilarious man !!

    Sharad: They were never meant to be connected 🙂 Its one of the special kind.

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