Shardul was teaching Differential Calculus to his students, when his class got interrupted by a sweet sounding ‘Excuse Me’; the voice was followed by a beautiful girl.

Five months later Shardul was waiting for Charulata at the theatre, “Charulata” the same girl who interrupted his class. They were dating each other from past 3 months.

One year later, Shardul was requesting Charulata to sing his favorite song in her melodious voice; she was brushing his hair and teasing him. They were on their honeymoon.

Three years later, Shardul’s sleep was interrupted by constant screaming of Charulata, she was shouting on their son for getting ready to go to school. Shardul put some cotton in his ear and went to sleep again. The melodious voice was slowly becoming unbearable.

Five years later, Shardul asked Charulata to shut her mouth; he was pissed off by constant blabbering of Charulata. The voice was neither sweet nor melodious.

Charulata lost her way while searching for her uncle’s office in a multistory building. She knocked a partially closed door, and said an excuse me, the door was opened by a handsome gentleman.

Five months later, Charulata was in a hurry to reach to theatre, she was so desperate to meet Shardul that she forgot her purse in her flat, she had to climb 14 floors to get her purse; the elevator has stopped working abruptly. She was getting late. Shardul the same handsome guy who opened the door for her when she got lost.

A year later, she was teasing Shardul, and he was requesting her to sing a song. They were on their honeymoon.

Three years later, Charulata was irritated and tired, she could not believe it that Shardul could sleep when there is so much work to be done. Bringing the milk and eggs for breakfast, paying the newspaper bill, the hawker was standing outside and shouting, mopping the floor, getting herself ready for her office. Getting their son ready was her top priority, and her son was not listening to her, she had to shout. The gentleman and lovely Shardul was sleeping with cotton in his ears.

Five years later, she had lost all her patience; Shardul was not at all co-operative. He had started ignoring her and had crossed all her limits, he shouted on her and even tried to beat her.

Today they filed their divorce, Charulata was going to sing in a concert in the evening, Shardul was about to sign a million dollar contract with his client.

Sunil was continuously crying, he was pale, and looking very ill.

When the judge asked Sunil, whom did he want to stay with; he collapsed and was taken to hospital.

First fighting with each other, and later looking after their career, they had forgotten to take care of Sunil their only child.


6 thoughts on “???

  1. Abe kya chat likhi hai bhai……….
    One year later, 5 Months later, 2 Months later…..
    IS story ke chakkar me mai ye bhi bhul gaya tha ki what is today’s date :-))))))

    Sharad: lol 🙂 kabhi bhula kabhi yaad rakha 😛

  2. aw… thats the way it is!!! but the ending was to drastic! i hope this is just a work of fiction and this is not the end…

    “3 months later, holding each others’ hands and looking at their sleeping son they looked at eache other and smiled!

    They vowed never to take life and each other for granted.

    Sunil had everything he wanted in his life… his parents were everything for him!”

    Hope you don’t mind my extending your story… i just couldn’t help myself! 🙂

    Sharad: It is indeed a work of fiction, I do not mind you extending the story, and by the way, your blog was one of the inspirations, which made me write the Irony and ??? post. I am thankful, you read it, and even extended it, unlike my many friends who found it very boring. 🙂 🙂

    “and they lived happily everafter….”

  3. Good story and there is no use hoping its fiction cuz it exposes a very true aspect of marriage which does happen in society. Its sad though.

    Sharad: Thanks!! It does potray truth.Sad but true.

  4. A sad but a very true story…these days everyone is to busy to achieve everything they want forgetting the real important things in life: children, friends,family and sometimes themselves.

    Sharad: Absolutely!!!

  5. hey, i am humbled! 🙂

    I loved reading it and yes, though you say that it is a fiction it is seen very commonly around us! Sadly… hope we start taking life as life and not as machiene!!

    Sharad 🙂 🙂

  6. nice story though I agree the ending cud be happier :)…..I also wrote in a similar style…(3 months, 2months etc…) diff being i went to past in narration :)….i shall try n post it soon 🙂

    Sharad: 🙂 Will be waiting to read it. 🙂

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