Sahil had an honors degree in Mechanical engineering, and was one of the brightest student in his class.

His dream was to be in a top Automobile company where he could convert his dreams into reality. He wanted to build a fuel efficient and powerful car.

Now, he gets up at 9, goes to office by 11, checks his email, drinks coffee, checks email again, goes to smoking area for a fag, comes back, checks email again, goes for lunch.

After lunch he checks his email again, reads some stupid forwards, drinks coffee again, in the evening he hits the office gym, sweats, then play snooker and TT in the entertainment room, makes few STD/ISD/Local calls from office landline. By 9 he is back home, tired, he has his dinner, watches TV, reads a book until he fells asleep.

He is working as a Software Engineer for a top MNC now.


From the day Sameer watched ‘Border’; he wanted to join Indian Army.

He did his high school and appeared twice for NDA exams, he failed.

Somehow he managed to complete his BA and appeared for SSB(Service Selection Board) once he failed, second time he got in. Now he serves his country being in the Army.

He is posted at a traffic signal in City Cantonment Area; he manages the traffic when the horses are shifted from the stable to the race course.


Shailesh was called as Sachin Tendulkar of his city; he was an emerging cricket player. His coach was sure he will make it to national cricket team.

He is now serving tea in a tea stall near to the newly built international cricket stadium.


Soham got a prize for his paintings while in school; his paintings were displayed in a collapsing gallery in his town. He came to the “CITY” for better prospects.

He was now lying on the ground dead; he accidently fell off from the 9th floor while painting a signboard for a newly opened art gallery.


Saloni did her MBA from a top management institute; she was given the best employee award in the event management company she worked for. She wanted to start her own event management firm.

She is now managing her two kids, her husband, and her maids and if she gets time, she does clean the memento she got as a farewell gift from the last company she worked for.





P.S: The picture is somewhere from the web world. Interestingly it bears my name. The characters in the post are fictitious but may bear some resemblance to real people.


11 thoughts on “Irony

  1. Dreams and aspirations die in the mill of life…sometimes due to our choices and sometimes due to fate.

    there is another good quote
    “Hold fast to dreams. For if dreams die. Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly.”

    — James Langston Hughes

    Sharad: Nice Quotes 🙂 “sometimes due to our choices and sometimes due to fate.” how true!!

  2. Oh this one wasnt a quote. i wrote it as my comment “Dreams and aspirations die in the mill of life…sometimes due to our choices and sometimes due to fate.”

    Sharad:heheheheh…your comment is considered as a quote now, and I will recommend it to all the Quotation sites.

  3. Some times, you are driven towards a certain goal. As you may not have a lot of ideas when you are young and hence want to become a Tendulkar or Shah rukh, as you have no ideas about other careers in life. Basically i am talking about lack of exposure. That’s when you start discovering what you are not made up for….. whether you accept it and want to change it or you want to live a comfortable life by being what you are depends on yourself….?

    Destination Infinity

    Sharad: Nice point put ” lack of exposure” can be one of the reason.

  4. Sharad Bapat
    He use to be a crazy Mech student in the BE college..
    After completion of his BE he wanted to pursue MBA…
    Now he is in a Software Company and writing senseless Blogs :-)))
    and I am reading those :-))))

    Sharad: lol 😀 😀 you are incorrect when you say “he wanted to pursue MBA…” I never wanted to….. 😛

  5. How true this is, most of the people are caught in the wrong job (Though can help them!! )

    On a serious note… “we need oil to keep lamp lighted”


    Sharad: 😀 I remembered Hari Sadu reading your comment. the ad for H for Hitler A for Arrogant…. 🙂

  6. The irony is that life gives us a lot of surprises and sometimes we dont know how to deal with them.I think that every step we make, helps us to find our true meaning in this life.

    Sharad:Sometimes we fail to find the true meaning 😦

  7. Truly awesome post! Where were you hiding all the while- naah may be I didn’t track down such awesome blog..adding you to my blog roll!
    So much to read here!!

    Sharad:Welcome to the Blog Mahak, and thanks for blogrolling. 🙂 🙂

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