Flat Tyres

When I reached home last night I found a car parked just opposite to my apartment gate, leaving no space for me to take my vehicle inside. So I had no options other than to park it on the road side.

I asked the security guard of the other building( we do not have one for ours.) about the car owner, he said he had no idea whose car is it, I went to a nearby bar where I asked the security guard to check if the car belongs to any of their customers, the security guard replied in negative.

When I was climbing the stairs the guy in other flat told me that the car is there from past 2 hours, and everyone from our apartment has parked the vehicle on road. He also told me that he had flattened the tyres/tire (remove air pressure from the tyres/tires). I congratulated him on his efforts.

At around 11:45 in the night a neighbor rang my bell and said the car owner has come, bring your vehicle inside and lets to talk to the car owner.

We found out that the car owner has indeed gone to the bar, was visibly drunk, and was shouting on top of his voice, “I committed a sin by parking it in front of your gate and I paid the price too. I am sorry, I know its my fault, but you could have flattened one tyre/tire and not all, anyways I cannot blame you.”

He had called some local shop owner who has send some boys to remove the tyres/tires and have them filled.

Everything seemed ok, we were about to return to our flat, when one of the boys who came to take away the tyres/tires, started shouting, let these people park their vehicles near my shop, I will break them, he was also threatening us that he will break all of our windows and ransack our homes. Then he started pointing fingers at some of us and started telling one of his other friends that he will take care of us.

I was surprised, I mean this boy has no connection to whatever has happened, in fact he got some work because of us, why was he upset, when the car owner himself was not.

One of our neighbors was very calm until this moment, but he lost his patience after listening to the threats.

He went over to that guy, asked him, who was he and what was his problem? The boy replied, I will take care of you, just shut up your mouth. The neighbor still stood calm over there, but the boy did not, he kept on threatening and has called some 4-5 other boys also.

The neighbor, asked his nephew to bring his mobile, then he called some one and the first few words he spoke made the boys scared and me amused. He said “DCP Markandey, speaking, just send few police men to my home, some boys are creating trouble.”

All boys who have come to the aid of the main boy, ran away.. The boy who was threatening us scared and asking for mercy.

I remembered that I had kept milk on the stove; none of it was left when I returned.

I am an ass to park vehicle in front of the gate.

I am an ass to park vehicle in front of the gate.



No parking even for rickshaws

No parking even for rickshaws

P.S: The name of the DCP has been changed, and he was not faking, he is indeed a DCP with Pune Police.The images are from Puneri Patya.


6 thoughts on “Flat Tyres

  1. Such apparently abandoned car can be planted for bomb blast nowadays!!

    Sharad: The thought is scary!! Goodness it never occurred to me, but it seems so real.

  2. but what is the reason behind shouting of that boy when he earned money because of flatten tyres and please be careful in future because now a days car are used by terrorist for planting bombs.

    Sharad: Even I do not know the reason, very weird isn’t it? Thanks for the concern, I will be careful.

  3. I think its infuriating the way people park blocking gates. There was nothing wrong you did, In a western country they would have called the police. Happened to a friend of ours, who has this habit, but when he went to the US he got a shock when he was woken up at six am – the neighbors had caled the cops and they actually came and hauled him to jail!!

    Sharad: Goodness, was he really jailed?

  4. LOL 🙂 😀 but ultimately did you manage to find out why that boy was abusing?

    @ Reems

    were you refering to me? Terrorist sakhi? 😛 😛

    Sharad:NO!!! 😦 I guess he was drunk, or simply wanted to show off that he is capable of causing damage.

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