Buying Mirinda

Yesterday I was very thirsty and it had been long time since I drank “Mirinda” a soda based soft drink product by PepsiCo India Ltd. So I thought of buying a half liter bottle.

I have to go to 3 different shops to buy a single half liter bottle.

While I was checking the expiry date for the bottle at the first shop, the shopkeeper gave me a weird look. To my surprise the bottle was well over its expiry date.

I told him so, he took out another bottle and it was also over the expiry date, I checked all the Soft drink bottles he was having were well over their expiry date.

I refused to take any. I told him send the bottles back to the company do not sell them, or throw them away. I was sure he was going to do nothing.

He told me to get on my job, and he will take care of his job. He said no one bothers to check expiry date on soft drink bottles and anyways they are kept in the refrigerator. I was sad, but what else would I have done other than telling him.

Sadly I went to the second shop, there I had another problem on hand, the guy asked me 22 Rs/- for a half liter bottle, MRP of which is 20 Rs/- . I argued with him, and he said, if you want to buy, buy else leave the shop. Again, what else could I do?

I got the bottle well within the expiry date and that too at 20 RS/- .I quenched my thirst, but what about quenching the thirst of answers for questions at came along with the experience with the previous 2 shop owners?

How many people seriously check expiry date for each item they buy?

How many shop keepers feel responsible enough not to keep products over the expiry date?

And if they are found selling such products, what kind of action is taken against them?

Is it easy to go and file a case in a consumer court against such shopkeepers? Or is it the whole responsibility of the consumer to check the expiry?

Please make it a habit to check for expiry date of any item you purchase, or at the least for food items.


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6 thoughts on “Buying Mirinda

  1. ask for a remuneration from the govt. of india for ur campaign “Jaago Grahak Jaago”.

    I can just smile on your comments 🙂

  2. wonderful post.
    most people do not check expiry dates and when you catch shop-keepers they are shameless. Even though it’s against the law, nothing happens to them if they are caught. Even bribes required are very small.
    Only top retailers are responsible (more to lose), but no guarantee.
    You can file a case, but the consumer courts are so full of cases nowadays that yours will get less attention for being “minor.”
    You can complain to the food inspectors, who will get a bigger bribe!
    In other words, we have laws but without teeth.
    Even a poor country like Tanzania has its shop-keepers trembling in fear if they keep expired products. That is because they go to jail and have to pay thousands of dollars in fines.

    Me :Yeah.. in India you can do anything by bribe. The easiest way to get anything done is by bribe.
    Even to get your case going in consumer court you have to bribe..Shameful isn’t it?

  3. I for one always check the expiry date be it any product. And if found guilty, shopkeepers over here do give the silly excuse that its ok and hasn’t gone bad but dont say what the 1st shopkeeper said to u. But I have seen many people buying stuff and never stopping to check the date.

    Sharad: Sad that he said it to me!!People are very ignorant specially in India about checking expiry dates.

  4. Here in the US, just about everything in food/drink seems to have expiration or as ‘sell by’ date. Normally, they are still good after that date for a little while depending on what it is.

    Canned and bottled items do tend to last longer, where fresh items like meat, dairy, and produce(fruits/vegetables) are things that I would avoid past any marked date.

    I have worked in grocery/retail stores in the past. If a customer found an expired item, they got a good one for free. And if management found an expired item on the shelves, the stock clerk would be written up(disciplined) for it.

    Sharad: In India too its mandatory to have an expiration or “sell by” date, but people here are very ignorant, and the shops and management too is not so serious about it.

  5. i had once gone to bye ice-cream and the shopkeeper wanted 2 Rs extra. Why? He wanted the extra money as he keeps ice-cream in “Freezer”!!! Obviously i gave a piece of my mind ( its filled with crap!! 😛 ) and left!

    Sharad: Lot of shopkeepers in India want extra money for “Freezed” products they sell. They do not think the electricity and “Freezer” charges are included in the MRP.

  6. Exactly!! I told him that i will buy the ice cream in-case he keeps it outside freezer!! he was quite furios with me and was not even bothered to lose a customer!

    Sharad: The same thought came to my mind when I read your comment, I too thought you should have told the him to keep it out of freezer.Customer is our God, is so proudly written over so many shops across India!!

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