Prayers Answered

I was in my 10th standard, 16 years old, and was on my first long trip, that too all alone.

My train tickets were not confirmed; I had a RAC-81 waiting.

The train did not pass through the station I lived, and I have to go to a nearby city to catch the train.

My father accompanied me to the nearby station and we still had 3 hours in our hand. He gave me a walkman to listen to some songs, so that I will not get bored on the trip.

Walkman was fine, but what about cassettes? My father has a HUGE collection of cassettes, CDs and DVDs but he is very possessive of them, he does not like to part with them.

He gave me one Anup Jalota cassette to listen that is all.

We went to a TT and asked him what the chances of getting RAC-81 cleared are??

He smiled and said, “Bhaiyya, RAC-10 bhi clear nahi hota hai..RAC-81 to dur ki baat hai”. (RAC-10 does not get cleared; RAC-81 is way away.)

So having some two and half hours in hand, I put the walkman to use, listened to the devotional songs by Anup Jalota, chanted Hanuman Chalisa and a Shloka of Vaibhav Laksmi Goddess, alternatively.

All the time while doing so, I was praying that the RAC should get cleared. (Selfish me 🙂 )

I was not testing the existence of God, I was merely hoping that by doing it I would get some result, and anyways I was not going to lose anything by doing it.

To my surprise and happiness, the TT with whom we have previously asked the question, saw me sitting on a bench, came near to me and said, “Beta, tum lucky ho, aaj ek dabba aur add kiya ja raha hai train mai… jab se mai yaha kaam kar rahu hu, yeh iss train key liye pehli baar ho raha hai.” (Son, you are lucky, one more coach is getting added to the train, for the first time, ever since I have joined the job.)

I was indeed very lucky, I got my birth berth confirmed, and all the way I listened to Anup Jalota, chanted Hanuman Chalisa, and the shlokas. My way of thanking God.

P.S: I am a selfish Off/On believer in God. 


5 thoughts on “Prayers Answered

  1. 😀 😀 That was funny! and there is nothing wrong in believing in God and accepting it too!!

    There is nothing wrong in believing and accepting…but it si right if you do 🙂

  2. i think,probably, having an extra coach added was decided before you even knew that u were going to go by such n such a train.
    that u prayed & felt so touched was significant so that 10 years later you could write a blog about it and let others ponder about it.
    “All chains linked with each other to form long circular chain”. if u could understand that.

    Who links the chain and for whom??? Who decided to add the extra coach?? for what??

  3. for all your queries i ll require just 10,000 bucks per sitting of an hour, all in the name of the Divine.
    May God Bless You !!!

    Answer for yourself!1 I got all my answers!!

  4. initially i used to recite hanuman chalisa because someone told me it was good for me and i did it anyway without faith but then realised it works every time. Now I recite hamuman chalisa because I know it is the only think that gives results.

    Sharad: I recite it because it gives me peace 🙂

  5. It happens actually….its the faith :-)….
    what would have done if it was not confirmed? just curious…. 😉

    PS: I am selfish and I believe in GOD 😀

    Sharad: Nothing would have happened..i guess I would have to sit near the toilet and go… i am a selfish beleiver too 🙂

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