Pune rickshaws -2

I had previously written about Pune Rickshaws , the behaviour of rickshaw drivers and one of my experiences with it.

If you travel by Pune auto rickshaws, actually every ride is worth an experience.

Day before yesterday, I came back to Pune from my week long holiday at my home town Indore.

As soon, as I got down of the bus, a few rickshaw wallas (rickshaw drivers) surrounded me.

They asked me which place I wanted to go, and as soon as I uttered JM road, I could see disappointment on their faces.The disappointment was due to the fact that it was a place not too far away and they would lose an opportunity to make money if they take me.

One rickshaw walla asked me, which hotel I wanted to go on JM road? I did not know what made him assume that I was going to stay in hotel. I politely told him, I am not looking out for hotel and I have a home at JM road. He was disappointed again, may be the hotel people would be giving him some money to bring people to their hotel.

The second rickshaw walla asked me 150 Rs/- and I told him, I am a Puneite,don’t ask ridiculuos amount, and if you go by meter it will not ead a penny above 35 Rs/-.

None of the rickshaw walla were in a mood to carry me, I had to walk a few meters where I saw one rickshaw walla approaching me, I told him my destination and he asked me to sit,I asked him how much will he charge, he told me 80 Rs and I smiled at him and moved ahead, he then asked me how much am I willing to pay? I told him we will go by meter, on that he replied ok, give me 10 Rs/- above the meter charge. I smiled again and started walking. He shouted, “accha saab chalo meter se de dena”(pay me by the meter).

Once inside the rickshaw, I asked him why first he asked me 80 Rs/- then 10 Rs/- above meter and finally he agreed to charge by the meter.He replied “Chance le raha tha dada, aap tayar ho jate to meri kuch kamai ho jati.”(I was taking chance, if you would have agreed, I would have made some extra money.)

I really feel sad about the people who are new to the place and are charged exorbitant amount by the rickshaw wallas, and sadly this happens all over India.

And yes, once again no post about Pune rickshaws will be complete without the famous one liners they have.

The text in the picture means “Mercedes of Poor”.


4 thoughts on “Pune rickshaws -2

  1. Mercedes indeed!! mercenaries more like it.An auto guy tried to fool me when I once visited Pune but luckily my friend who lives in Pune saved me from paying extra money by asking him to show rate card. I studied in Bhopal and there also auto guys literally take new people on a ride!! One has to be v careful and gather little knowledge about roads beforehand.

  2. oh..i guess in most places this the case,,,specially developed cities..
    once here in chennai i was in a new locatlity
    ..i took an auto they asked 40 bucks i told ok.it was just 2 streets away 😦

    anyway what was the meter charge 😛 ?/

  3. Atleast in pune we have meters dear. While i was in chennai for some time (about one and half month), i saw there was no concept of meters there. The distance i covered by auto for 50 rs one the first day would cost me 20 by the end.

    But really auto’s in pune suck. They directly deny from going to any place if they dont find the deal monetarily fruitful. And for small distances they charge more than double. Can you imagine 20 rs for 1 km? Eventually i ended up walking to destination.

    Situations worsens if its raining or its night.

    Auto’s in Mumbai are far better than rest of the places i visited.

    Sharad: You are right chennai has no concept of meter. And how does a having a meter in Pune helps?? It does not.. I guess the condition is more or less same everywhere…never experienced Mumbai so cannot say.

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