Place – A petrol pump at Indore.
Time – around 7:30 PM

My vehicle was running on last few drops of the reserved fuel, so I had to stop by the petrol pump to refuel it.

I was third in the queue, I was patiently waiting when one car arrived and petrol was filled in it, in spite of us waiting in the queue. But I lost my temper when the same happened again, and petrol was filled in another bike breaking the queue. Somehow I controlled my temper and politely asked the person on service; why is he doing so, and I told him this is not right.

He smiled at me, and said, “Aapki gaadi mein bhi bhar denge na” (I will put fuel in your vehicle too.)

I was not amused, while I was talking to him, one more time, the queue was broken and the other guy working there filledthe fuel in another bike.

I lost my temper completely; I shouted on him and told him what the hell is he doing?

He said, if I got any problems, I can very well go to some other petrol pump.

I knew there was no point in talking to the guy, so I asked him, where the manager of the station sits…he showed me, I went and talked to the manager.

The manager’s attitude surprised me, he said, there may be some other issue, because of which the guy must have done it, and anyways, if others do not have problem, why should I?

Then I argued with him for around 10 minutes, finally he said asking me to go to other petrol pump was wrong, and he made the guy, say a sorry to me for that, but I asked him about breaking of queue, he said “choriye na saab, jo ho gaya so ho gaya”. (Forget is, we cannot change, what has happened.)

The “Sorry” guy then filled petrol in my bike and I left.

In the end, I had my Blood Pressure raised, my temper high and my blood boiling, which resulted in me behaving in a not so proper manner with my family, after reaching home.

I thought about the incident later, and few questions came to my mind.

1. Should have I kept mum and waited until my turn came?

2 As the manager said, why should I bother when others didn’t?

3. Should have I left the petrol pump without refueling?

4. Should have I broken the queue and got my vehicle refueled?

If I had done any one of the above mentioned things, I guess I would not have lost my temper, and taken my anger out on my family. I think the loss was mine in the end, and the guys back the petrol pump must be laughing at me.

Whatever, if the opportunity comes again, I will do the same, I do not regret what I did at the petrol pump, what I feel bad about is the anger came out on my family.

How many times is that we are not in a good mood, and we take our frustration out on our near and dear ones? 


6 thoughts on “Refueling

  1. i think that it shouldnt have happened….if u were there b4 the others then u should have been tended to first……but then things dont alway go our way…..and we have to alway keep our kool……

  2. correct the 1st sentence, i have(had) to stop by the petrol pump to refuel it (past tense is required)

    similarly, the 4th question in the end
    should have i broken(past tense) the queue…

    waise m not sure abt the formation “should have i??” but doesnt matter.

  3. m not so sorry to say that generally i m among those who break the queue to get their vehicles refuelled earlier than those in the queue.

    and if m also in the queue i would act in a way to answer ur 4th question affirmatively.

  4. what is right and what is wrong is always arguable.

    things are changing and i seriously doubt whether its good to be a man of principles??

    u may not regret what u did and u should not but u and ur family did suffer na…

    its good for the society that there r people like u so that atleast queues r there but its equally bad for u to be so.

    its upto u to be for society or for urself.

  5. No I think u did the right thing by protesting and others were stupid and ofcourse so very Indian like by keeping quiet and tolerating every injustice. I always speak up when someone tries to break a queue in bank or railway counter. As for family, that was wrong. but it sometimes happens that we take out frustration of something else on someone else.

  6. @Sonya thanks for the corrections, I have corrected.

    Even I am not sure about the usage of Should Have I? but MS word did not show any correction.


    Good to know that you speak up too.I just cannot tolerate any kind of injustice.

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