India wins a Gold at Olympics -2

Yesterday I was really very happy. Today I am back to my senses.  🙂 

India has won gold at Olympics in an individual event. Every news channel, news paper, is showcasing it.

You swap a TV channel and you will find Abhinav Bindra or his family on it.

Punjab government is giving Abhinav 1 crore rupees, BCCI 25 lakhs, and Lalu has promised for free AC travel, for his life, and many more incentives are showered on him.

At least Indian cricket team got a respite because their loss did not made a big news, which it would have if, Bindra hasn’t won the Gold.

Times of India have named him the most eligible bachelor now.

These things reminded me of the 20-20 cup world cup win and yes, the 1983 Cricket world cup as well.

In June this year, we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of winning the 1983 Cricket World Cup. I was surprised, but then I remembered India is land of celebrations, and we celebrate every small thing that bring a smile on our face, or happiness in our life.

Be it Pappu pass ho gaya aur Radha(the cow) winning a beauty contest.(Cadbury’s Ads. kuch meetha ho jaye.)

So why not celebrate the 25th anniversary of winning a grand event like World Cup.

But again, if we had been winning the world cup consistently or lets say if we had won it 3 times, would we still be celebrating anniversaries of each winning?

Will we be celebrating the anniversary of winning Gold at Olympics 25 years from now, or we will celebrate only if no one else in next 25 years brings gold?

By the way did we celebrated with the same zeal and enthusiasm when India won gold for 8 times in Hockey, one silver and 2 bronze? or How many of us remember Mr. Jadhav winning a Bronze in Olympics?

Indians have won only 18 medals since they started participating in Olympics in year 1900.

Pathetic, isn’t it?

If someone has achieved something, or made himself, his family or his country proud one should celebrate, but, BUT for how long?

Should not he/she strive for more? Continuous improvement is required in this competitive world.

For e.g. if a student secures 1st position in his state in the 10th board exam, he should not celebrate 25th anniversary of his securing the first position, if he has been failing in every exam he is appearing since. Or Should he?

Many of you might find this analogy terrible, but that’s the way I look at it.

In a country with population more than 100 crore, we are not able to reach a tally of 2 figures in medals in Olympics.

Are we so devoid of talent? Or talent is there but it does not come up because of the dirty politics and corruption involved even at the grass root level.

Monika Devi in spite of her innocence could not go to Beijing, a possible medal drained? Whom should we blame?

Hockey team could not even qualify for Olympics. Whom to blame again?

I seriously feel sad seeing the state of Indian Sports. 


7 thoughts on “India wins a Gold at Olympics -2

  1. Agree with you Hundred%. India need to come out of this notion that “What is popular, is always right” and dump these media outlet who are heavily influenced by there “Dumb US Counterparts” and make our own decision.

  2. bindra deserves all what he is getting.

    regarding the celebration thing, i feel we celebrate whatever we can. We love cricket so much probably coz we are among the best if nt the best, among the 8 hardcore criket playing nations.

    as harsha bhogle puts it, we can’t cheer at a GDP growth of 8%.
    we cant cheer at our population and so we cheer at india winning a 20-20 world cup or a 25th anniversary.

    its good that you are among the people who atleast feel something abt status quo in india.

    my heartiest belated congrats to Mr. Jhadhav.He made us proud.

  3. Yes you are right but partially. I feel its high time we realised each of us has the potentiality to do something great and make India proud and celebrate for us……No point blaming dirty politics………its better to cleanse it by your presence in it.ALL THE BEST DEAR.

  4. Let the people celebrate… all the reactions are the feelings and emotions of a medal starved nation which always believed that it had a lot of potential to win many of the Olympic gold medals but for the system… Its always easy to pinpoint someone or something (Abhinav for success and system for failure). But we are not interested to look into how to create more Abhinav’s and how to change the system atleast a bit, being an individual ie. Absymal number of medals doesnt bother me. But what does is, we dont demand that the system change. We dont demand that more Abhinav’s are made. As long as we dont demand, we wont have it. It is we who need to change the system, before it changes us!

    Destination Infinity

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