India wins a Gold at Olympics

Ahh… After so long,a sports news brought a smile on my face.

For once, I was not bothered how soon Team India(Indian Cricket Team) will collapse against the M&M(Muralitharan and Mendis)attack in Sri-Lanka.

Yes for the first time in Olympics history India has won a Gold Medal in an individual event, and after 28 years India has won a Gold.

Kudos Mr. Abhinav Bindra, you have achieved what no other Indian in past could.You have done all of us proud.

Mr.Bindra has won the Gold in Shooting, 10m Air Rifle, Men’s event.

Once again, heartiest congratulations to Mr.Abhinav Bindra.


2 thoughts on “India wins a Gold at Olympics

  1. Lalu g ne oose life time pass diya hai AC 1st class train me….
    This is the kind of appreciation we should expect from our leaders …..But they will donate our money to bloody cricketrs for no good reasons….

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