The client I am working for, is going to host a conference, in which some fifty external delegates are expected, a month later.

There is not enough parking space available to accommodate extra vehicles.

The solution the company came up with is, they have asked for volunteers who are prepared to park their vehicles off-site for a day, the ‘off-site’ is less than ten minutes walk away.

In recognition of their help in assisting in this way, those who volunteer will receive a £10.00 M&S voucher.(Now you must have come to know that the company is operating out of United Kingdom.)

I am just thinking if the same was to happen in India.

No one would have thought about parking space with more than a month in kitty.

The parking lot would have been available on a first-come basis.

Some one would have found charging for parking vehicles near by office premises, road without giving a proper receipt.

There would be utter chaos around the premises due to increased number of vehicles.

Few people would be found fighting for parking space.

Some vehicles would be dented.

What would happen in India is not actually a point here, the point is how pro-actively they have thought about the parking problem. 🙂

Hope it happens in India too. I just wanted to appreciate them for their pro-activeness.

“True pro-activeness comes from seeing how we contribute to our own problems. It is a product of our way of thinking, not our emotional state.”

Senge, Peter. 1990. The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization, Doubleday/Currency: New York, 21.






4 thoughts on “Pro-activeness

  1. In India also, these things happen for top meets. There are only 50 people, thats y they are arranging the facility. Had it been more, you cannot say.

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