Carry Bag and Poly bag

It was raining hard.

I had conveniently forgotten the raincoat (to be honest I don’t have one.)

I was drenched on my way back to home from office. I remembered that there was nothing to eat at home, so I stopped by a shop to buy Maggie 2 minute Noodles.

I put my helmet, on the glass. I bought Maggie and a Mirinda half liter bottle.

Since it was raining hard, and I was not carrying a bag with me I asked the shop owner (a young lady) to give me a carry bag.

A guy, who was also there, at the shop, and who probably knew the young shop owner, stared at me, removed my helmet and showed me a badly written note “कृपया पॉली बैग मागु नए!” (Please, do not ask for poly bag). 

Earths Enemy

Earths Enemy


To which I instantly replied “मी कैरी बैग मागितला आहे पॉली बैग नाही!” (I have asked for a carry bag, not poly bag) 🙂 🙂 😛

The two of them got blanked out by my reply, and the next moments 3 of us were laughing. A help in the shop brought me a poly bag and I left smiling.:)

I found it funny… not sure whether you will…….

P.S: Reduce the use of Poly bags as much as you can, as it is not good for the environment. You can use a paper bag instead.

Use Paper Bags

Use Paper Bags


10 thoughts on “Carry Bag and Poly bag

  1. i found the bags thing not as funny as “remembered that there was nothing to eat at home”.
    i hope u understand.

  2. 😉 I have many paper bags sitting at home which I think i’ll recycle but everytime i go to the store, i keep forgetting to take ’em along. thanks for reminding. i shall leave em in car trunk now. ;p

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