Thirsty Crow – Story Retold

Remember the story about a thirsty crow and how she used her intelligence to drink water from pitcher by dropping pebbles into it, and with each pebble the water rose a little higher until at last it reached the brim, and the bird was enabled to quench her thirst.

Well most of us might have heard this story and even narrated it to someone.

The Thirsty Crow

The Thirsty Crow


My niece who is turning 3 a day after tomorrow was asked by her teacher in the school to narrate any story. She started with the “Thirsty crow” but gave the story a twist of her own. Here goes the story she told to her teacher.

There was a crow, he was very thirsty. He found out a pot of water, but he could not reach to the bottom of the pot, he found a straw lying nearby and he picked up the straw, drank the water and flew away. 🙂

The teacher was surprised, when she told my sis-in-law (bhabi) she was surprised, and when I came to know this story, I was rolling on the floor laughing.

Smart story telling, modifying the story to suit the current era, and that too by a kid 3 years old. Amazing!!!

Times are changing, so I guess there is a need to change the stories we read.

An excellent example of smart work.


9 thoughts on “Thirsty Crow – Story Retold

  1. Well thats good that teacher are supporting creative thinking these days. In our time, for this answer we would get a snub aur a big zero in exam.

  2. thats nice idea for crow when he become thrusty Ur niece given to crow……………………………..

    Hope the crow reads the story and implement the idea.

  3. Same here Sharad. First of all my 4 yrs. old son thinks crow should have dropped the jug on the floor and made best of the circumstances. 2nd option, though he knew its difficult for crow to manage a straw, but it sure was less time consuming option than gathering pebbles.

    Third one was best though. We promised that we shall do the same next day…! We got a semitransparent jug, pour about 500 ml. of water in it, and tried to touch the water with a stick a little longer than crow’s beak (compensate margin of error). It did not touch the water. Cool, we repeated the experiment with three different sizes of the stones that we put later to quench the thirst of our little fellow, and everytime, water level rose very very marginally, and all that crow could reach out to were pebbles, jug full, or at water level, water settles lowest!

    32 years of being taken for granted! Thanks to my son, we ain’t fools!

    32 years, how did you come to that conclusion? lol for me i guess it was 24 years of being taken for granted, just kidding. kids are smart

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