Indian Institute of Politics

This Idea is brain child of my brother and I have picked it up from his blog .

I too seriously feel that, there is a need for an institute whose sign board will read “Indian Institute of Politics”.

A place where politicians for tomorrow can be shaped.

Why India cannot have an IIP’s in line with IIM’s and IIT’s?

I am not saying that to become a MP or MLA or Prime Minister, one has to earn a degree at IIP’s.My point is India has immense talent and many talented Indians want to stay in India.

Nita J. Kulkarni has written a beautiful Article about IIM graduates are preferring to stay back in India .So when young and talented Indians want to stay back in India why cannot we give them a platform like IIP?

Why cannot we have talented pool of people sitting in the parliament and having a healthy discussion on how to take India further.(Imagine people from IIM and IIT’s occupying seat in the parliament.)

I did a google search for Institutes of Politics in India and come up only with one Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics in Pune, but the mainstay of this famous institute is MA in Economics and not Politics.

I guess why many intellect are not joining Politics is because of the dirt involved in it, or may be because of some security fear for themselves and their family.

I appreciate Times of India’s Lead India campaign an India Poised initiative they ran some time back, but what is the winner of it going to do? Is he going to contest an election? I know he is a nice person and he is doing lot of social work, but should not he go one step ahead and really lead India?

I know mine is a distant dream, and even if someone picks up the idea of opening a IIP, I know not many people will enroll into it.


8 thoughts on “Indian Institute of Politics

  1. That’s a good idea. I am commenting to encourage you. Please keep on writing and one day maybe, you or your brother or someone who reads this blog will definitely consider building an IIP.

  2. ok ! thas quite an idea..
    but ,yeah but do we have anyone to shape up those guys even if they enroll into an institute like that..
    I have no doubt that if the path shower is credible the IIP would be great success …

  3. Its not that India lacks learned and educated politcians.

    For a starter we may have some learned politicians, or may be IAS might prove handy too.

    Thanks for visiting Arvind.

  4. Jayaprakash narayan (1970’s) tried some sort of a total revolution of politics using young educated indians as its vanguard in his JP movement. But due to lack of concrete measures and effective leadership it failed.

    The points and ideologies u r making are universally acceptable, but the need is to have a finely organised and formidable social,economic and political structure to implement such a creative idea.
    and that needs some doing.
    “miles to go before u sleep.”

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