I wake up daily somewhere between 6:30 AM and 8:30 AM, not with help of an Alarm clock but because of constant ringing of the doorbell or by banging (not  knocking) of the door, thanks to load shedding.

The person who help me getting up is a weird looking lady with no expressions whatsoever on her face.

She simply looks at me when I open the door and says Kachraaaa (yea the number of a’s resembles how she drags when pronouncing the word kachra).

For all those who do not understand what kachra means, Kachra means waste/dump/litter.

Every morning she comes to our Apartment to collect the waste accumulated in the day.

I have told her a thousand times to ring the bell only once or not to bang the door, but to no use.

And if, some one other than me opens the door instead of saying kachraaaa she says daha rupey (ten rupees).

I get irritated, frustrated many times, but I appreciate what she does, she takes the kachraa from our entire apartment (there are 7 flats in all) and dumps at a place from where a MNC vehicle picks up the dump daily or 4 times a week.

I know this is followed at many places across India where someone comes and picks up the waste from your home, but still in many places in Pune itself, I find people dumping the waste just in front of their houses or just across the road.

Streets are really used a dumping ground, how many times I have seen people eating and littering the street, with chocolate wrappers, papers and poly bags.

In how many beautiful public places and picnic spots I have found beer bottles, wasted food and other items simply left.

It really hurts me to see even learned people doing this.



3 thoughts on “Kachraaaa

  1. Hey nice blog,
    Here in US picture is bit different, the place where i live , my apt is exactly in front of dumpster, can u believe i feel lucky for that (just walk and dump,people come here in car to put trash), when i told my parents that my house is in front of dumpster, they were like, please shift,it will be dirty with loads of mosquitoes etc.But here you cant recognize the dumpster unless been told.Its so clean, i mean cleanliness is something which is carved on American Minds so deeply, that a kid who can barely speak can tell you not to dump chocolate wrapper on road(trust me i have witness this scenario @ Niagara, need not tell the person whom kiddo was explaining was one of desi creature).
    This dumpster is cleaned everyday except on weekends, the only pain is that the truck which comes to clean the trash,has no specific time (you should Thank your Bai, sharad for atleast she is punctual every morning).This truck can come at morning 6am or afternoon, anytime, roaring and making all kinda noises, to disturb our sweet sleeps.
    People are also sometimes crazy,they come at 2am to put the trash in dumspter, can u imagine such an earthly hour anyone at trashcan (we know this because when the inlet of dumpster is open,it makes loud noise).
    Anyways,i think we need to be more conscious and aware about cleanliness and make our next generations to realize its importance, thats the only way we can make our country more clean and green.

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