Donating Blood….

I was volunteering for the Satyam Foundation(the CSR arm of the company I work for), which has organised a blood donation camp.

My job was to motivate more and more associates to donate blood.

To my surprise, even my learned friends, the so called “IT guys, Software engineers, technocrats” were having apprehensions about donating blood.They did not even know basic facts about blood donation, even when they have access to all the information.What about the rest of India?? What about hundreds and thousands of people who do not have access to information technology, television or print media.

Donating blood is such a noble cause, and I personally feel, everyone should do it.

Here is the list of things, concerns, questions, excuses I came across while motivating people for donating blood.

  • I am scared of the needle(syringe).
  • I do not want to donate, please do not even ask me about it.
  • What kind of syringe they will be using to take blood.(I guess this question is ok, but after getting the answer one should agree to donate.)
  • I have never done it before.
  • I might catch some infection.
  • I am busy.
  • I might not come to office on Monday.
  • I had fever one month back.
  • I got a function to attend.
  • I asked my mother whether I can, and she refused.(This came from a girl.)
  • I got Low BP, High BP, low hb.
  • My stomach is upset.(Cmon we are asking you to donate blood, nothing else.)
  • I have cold.
  • I am weak.(At last you admitted it.)

and many many more.

There were some people who even started calling me Dracula. Here comes Dracula to suck your blood.

If you are not donating, fine, but at least do not laugh on people who are doing it, or worse, people were even demotivating others for blood donation.

But in spite all this we were able motivate 195 people to donate blood.


But one pretty lady(she was indeed very pretty) asked me a question which again made me think hard. The question was

When we are donating the blood for a noble cause and without asking for anything in return, the charitable trust or the hospital should not sell it off. Why do they ask for money from the patients who require it?

I told her that we will get vouchers, which our friends relatives can use, and they will get the blood at concession price, and in case we need it we will get it for free.

I myself was not convinced, do not know whether the pretty lady was or not.

The doctors and the staff had already left before I could ask them this.

Huh… while writing this post my friend answered my question, they charge money, because they spend lot on storing the blood, on the instruments and staff while taking the blood etc, I am convinced, and will let the lady know about it too.


2 thoughts on “Donating Blood….

  1. ohh really…ohh my god we see the real people when it come to donations, may it be blood or money.People are ready to donate thousands of money to temple but not ready to support and good charity foundation.

  2. Its really not a matter to donate blood it even dosent pain us.people think that if necessary we can spend money but many minds to donate blood..seeing the needle..
    so pl help the charity and when u donate blood to any charity go along with ur friends and try to motivate them to do the same and then they will even go wit their friends if once they donate they will never mind to donate again

    pl help people as much and as like as u can
    wot ever the way may be….

    Please click on these web links once at least on each and every day…!!!
    it dosent cost u even a single rupee

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