Raghya-The Cab Driver

Raghya- Raghunath Aavaadh is my cab driver who picks and drop me from and to office.

He is 49 years old, looks like 70 years old, has got a blurred vision and a habit of chewing tobacco.

I just want to share the amazing experience I had with him on the journey from and to office.

Because of his lost senses he drives very very slow, slow to an irritating speed, that I wish there should be a lower speed limit as well.

At times, I have to tell him, whats on the road, the signal has turned green, take a left, etc etc.

It feels like I am a instructor, instructing a new pupil on how to drive a car.

He calls me “Sharad Kaka”.(he is double my age.)

Does not know how to operate a mobile, he can just pick up the phone, as he knows which button to be pressed for that. He takes at least a minute to reply to the call.

He is an amazing observer, he tells me that Toyota Innova resembles a pig, the airplane a fish.

He told me that all the scientist and people who make things, take inspiration from the nature.

Once he asked me can an Indian man get married to a gori mam( a foreigner). I told him, yes they can.He then told me that he had once pick up a couple in which the guy was Indian and the lady a gori.

He asked me how they would be communicating? as he was skeptical that the gori mam would know Hindi or Marathi.I reminded him that English is a language too.

Laughingly he asked me, which language would their children speak.

He asked me do all foreigners belong to England? How to differentiate between all of them, Is English the only language spoken outside India?

For many days he believed that I am a student, and he has the same belief for my colleagues as well.

When I informed him that one of colleague got engaged, he was surprised and asked me that how can parents get their kids engaged when they are still studying? He should earn atleast enough to take care of himself and his wife. 

When I told him that we all work here, and its a Software company, he asked me what is Software??

Oops, I really had a difficult time making him understand what a software is?

and when I thought he understood what a Software is, he asked me from where do we get the raw material to make Software.

Once while taking a left turn he put his left hand across from the driving seat, his hand was not long enough to come out from the side though, I could not stop my laughter for hours to come.

Apart from his funny habits, I feel he is one of the rare innocent people left on this earth.


4 thoughts on “Raghya-The Cab Driver

  1. hahahahah… A guy aloof of all advancements around him… he looks like an extremely peaceful guy 🙂 lucky him 😀

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