The Bald Man

Its a mere coincidence that from past few weeks I encounter a bald man daily,that too, at a strange place “The Washroom” in my office.

I am growing my hair from past 7 months, without a valid reason or logic.(Inflation??, No time to go to barber?, etc etc)

This bald man is not completely bald, and does have a few hair strands.

When I stand in front of the mirror, combing my hair, with my fingers(I do not carry a comb), this bald man too, stands next and comb his few hair strands with a small comb which he takes out of his back pocket in a very stylish manner.He combs them very stylishly too.

But he looks at me in very strange manner, and me like a thought reader tries to read his thoughts.

And here is what I feel he must be thinking

  • Wish I had hair like him?
  • Huh this many hair and not combed properly, God if I had them I would have kept them well.
  • Goodness I  do not have this many hair to handle, thank God!!.

Whatever he must be thinking, I feel pretty embarrassed to arrange my hair with him around.

I feel like I am eating my my favorite sweet when the person standing next to me is hungry from 3 days.


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