Shame Shame Politics!! Shame Shame Politicians!!

A Black day has been marked in Indian Politics.

I went to cafeteria to have some snacks, and when I saw, what was been showed on TV, I was shocked.

All eyes were glued to the TV, 3 BJP MPs from MP were showing the money they allegedly got for not turning up to vote.

They had Advani’s consent to bring the money to Lok Sabha and show it to the speaker.

This entire shameful incident is being transmitted through out the world, and what an image India is portraying.

I have never seen such a thing in my entire life. I am short of adjectives to describe what I have seen on TV.

The speaker has called for an All party meet, and BJP has asked for an probe into the matter, before the voting.

what else can I say…Shame Shame Politics!! Shame Shame Politicians!!


2 thoughts on “Shame Shame Politics!! Shame Shame Politicians!!

  1. Even i saw the same in Cafeteria…what the hell was going on there…Nobody was there to stop them..Actually its not there problem they were showing there true self but overall it was destroying the image of indian constituion and the biggest democratic country infront of the world..

  2. Nothing to say about Mr. Advani. He is the biggest idiot. Today India has nothing to fear from Pakistan or China. We have Advani.

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