India Sri Lanka Test Series – Preview.

When was the last time, media or for that matter anyone has ever talked of any spinner being a threat to Indian batting line up?

Indians and most of the subcontinent players are really very comfortable playing spinners, be them orthodox, wrist, chinaman or whatever kind.

Altough Ajantha Mendis picked up 6 wickets and destroyed the Indian batting line up in the Asia cup final, I personally do not feel that Indian batsmen are vulnerable against him, specially in the Tests.


Yes he might have picked up 111 wickets in just 19 first class matches, he is no threat.The teams were not International quality teams against whom the first class matches were played.

This are the 3 styles in which he delivers the ball.



The greatest spinners of all time Shane Warne and Muttiah Muralitharan were never and will never be a threat to India.

I have observed that every time a cricketer is talked about much before the beginning of a match he invariably fails. Remember Shaun Tait’s dismal performance against India?

I am not looking forward for Jayasurya hitting, Sanagakara’s patient innings or murali feat or the much talked Ajantha Mendis.

The only thing I am looking forward in the up coming India-Sri Lanka series, to be starting from tomorrow is Sachin Tendulkar becoming the most run getter in the longer version of the game and that too after breaking Brian Lara’s record.

I hope to see him raising his bat and acknowledging after breaking the record.

Raising his Bat

Raising his Bat


2 thoughts on “India Sri Lanka Test Series – Preview.

  1. He dismissed 6 Indian batsman in the final, I don’t consider those batsman to be a world class, But the Test Team against he will be bowling has a class like

    1) Sachin
    2) Rahul Dravid
    3) VVS. laxman
    4) Ganguly

    One more fact is…More he is exposed more secrets will be revealed, so its just a matter of time when this bowler’s career will be ruined beneath Indian class.
    I could remember the bowlers starting a mouth war against Sachin before the worldcup…and world witnessed the treatment they received from SACHIN.

  2. There may be 2 reason for indian team to treat him as a threat for Batting line up :-
    1.Either they want to hide the actual reason for Failure in the Asia cup final.
    2. or may be its a part of strategy as cricket is no more physical but a mental game too.

    All the news channels including our cricket team have already declared him as a hero.But i don’t think they will even remember him after this year.
    And seriously there is no comparision between him and the Legends like shane warne & Muttiah.

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