Believe it or not

It was really very disappointing to watch a MP from Samajvadi party speaking to Star News this morning.(The name of Mr MP is Atiq Ahmed from Phulpur constituency who is on trial in 150 cases.)

I was more amused than disappointed by hearing what all he has to say.

I heard him saying the following things, which I wish were wrong.

He was very vocal about being voting against the deal, when asked by the correspondent, why is opposing the deal, when his party is not, he replied candidly “First ask the UPA to explain me what the deal is?”. Kudos to his guts for accepting publicly that he does not know about it, but will still vote against the deal.

What a shame, I really do not know how many of the MPs truly know, what the deal is about.

When he was asked has he been bought by some party to vote against the deal?

His reply was shocking and made me smile.

“I will take the money and still will not vote for them, what will they do afterwords? This is why no party will come to me. I am not involved in any kind of horse trading.”

and then later the day Shahbuddin and Pappu Yadav, two of them bailed out of jail created interruption in the debate and the Speaker of Lok Sabha has to adjourn the session.

I do not have words to describe the feelings I had and am still having, watching the proceedings from Lok Sabha.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, as I am in office, I do not think I will be able to see anymore proceeding.

Where is India heading??


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