Kismat Konnection

Sunday Prime time Show – Mangla Multiplex – walking distance from my Home.

Ticket – Rs 120 per head.

My Rating – 2 *


Shahid kapoor

Vidya Balan

Juhi Chawla

and Boman Irani in guest appearance.

Shahid Kapoor as Raj Malhotra has given a good performance, his acting was up to the mark and so was Vidya Balan’s, but personally I felt no onscreen chemistry exists between them.(No comments about the off-screen chemistry, physics or biology).

Shahid is a boy and Vidya a woman, sorry no offense meant, but this is what I felt after looking them on screen.

Shahid is looking fit and cute, Vidya looking fat and once again badly dressed.

Juhi stop accepting such roles for the sake of friendship.

Om Puri and Himani Shivpuri were also good in their brief role.

Boman Irani was wonderful as ever.

Actually everyone performed good in the movie, but strangely I feel the overall output was not so good.

Music, I guess Pritam has stopped listening to foreign music, so could not get one nice tune for us.

I do not remember a single line from any of the song.

The film is too long for the story line it has, the second half reminds me of Lage Raho Munnabhai.

Although I watch movies with 100% attention in theatres,my wife caught me not paying attention to the movie, many times, I guess that itself tells the story.

                                      Kismet Konnection
A brief synopsis of the movie as perceived by me.

Shahid is an academics excellent, no luck, no job for 5 years guy, still living in a nice looking flat, with a plasma TV, having a car in Canada.(Wow! 5 years no job, still able to maintain all the stuff, loans huh?? ).

He finds his lucky charm in form of a Vidya Balan, with help from Juhi who is Haseena bano jaan a very forgettable role.

Vidya is an activist who is against building a mall where a community centre exists, and Shahid is the one who wants to be the architect of the mall.

He uses Vidya to help him,get the contract. Vidya who has already left her fiancé (all thanks to Shahid), falls in is his love and trap.

Between lies and love, does Shahid manages to get the contract, or the community centre survives, you need to watch the movie.

My recommendation : Skip watching if you can.


4 thoughts on “Kismat Konnection

  1. Nice review, I wud completely agree with fact abt chemistry between shahid and vidya…truely cant see them together, i think shahid looks too young to be a hero…only amrita roa fits in as female lead with him..not even kareena…

  2. oh common .. that is all about connection between ppl so no matter how they look .. but one thing love chemstry is not so much shown in movie… but still not so bad movie better than lovestory2050…
    watch it for timepass

  3. Rakeh,

    I was not able to bear first 20 minutes of Love Story 2050, so ofcourse it was better than this.

    and its about connection of kismat not people,any ways whose connecting whom?

    Shahid and Vidya??


  4. Shahid is a boy and Vidya a woman

    lol..very true..But it was a time pass..well,not worth spending 120/- per head..Thanks to my 512 kbps connection that i can afford to watch any/all crap movie.. sorry i am not a piracy champion,what can i do if people post moives online…

    and yes,pls dn’t compare to 2050 story..Even i couldn’t watch it for more than 30 mnts…

    Sharad: I too watch movies on internet….but you can’t deny my wife’s had to go with her..

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