A Meal in Chennai

I was going through someones blog somewhere and his post reminded me of my meal at Hot Chips, a famous restaurant chain in Chennai. This branch(or outlet, or franchisee or whatever) is situated at Thiruvanmiyur Signal.Boy, it took me one entire day to learn to pronounce the name properly and I am still not sure if I have spelled it correctly.

Me and some of my friends went to have our lunch at Hot chips on a hot, sunny day.
This place is generally very crowded and we have to wait for almost half an hour, before we could get our turn to occupy a table.

The Menu is full of South Indian dishes and one special North Indian thali which I never dared to order.Obviously I cant expect a makka de roti or sarso da saag, or a daal baati in a typical South Indian restaurant.

We ordered a tomato soup(no other soup was available),two types of dosas, one idli plate and thumbs-up. We assumed that he will bring food in the order we ordered.(Order we ordered, funny huh?).

Surprisingly, amazingly, and whatnotly….he brought it all in reverse order…thumbs-up first, then the food and then the soup, and that too at an interval of 5 minutes each. I asked the waiter, what is he doing? he said while ordering itself, you should have told what to bring first.
I accepted my mistake, even if the waiter lacked common sense, I should have mentioned the order in which he should have brought the stuff.

And story does not end here, before we could finish up eating, he managed to put the finger bowl on our small table. I lost my temper, and picked up a fight, result my entry in Hot Chips being barred for all future occasion, as if I wanted to go there again.

I have noticed this habit of waiters bringing the finger bowl, before the eating is over at many places, specially the places which are crowded and it really annoys me to a point that I lose my temper.

From the incident that happened at Hot Chips, I have started ordering food mentioning the order in which it should be brought, some people look at me funnily, some with a smile, some surprised,some when I do that.

There is a saying in Hindi : Doodh ka jala chaach bhi fook fook kar pitha hai. (I do not remember the English saying, appreciate your help.)


7 thoughts on “A Meal in Chennai

  1. I guess u done a great job in spelling that place correctly …
    Being in chennai for the last 4 years i have never visited hot chips … 🙂
    i guess waiters ,instead of using a common sense, bring things that are the easiest to pick and serve 😉 .
    ROFL !! so you are barred from entering it ..
    how will they identify you if u wish to go again …

  2. I was pretty regular @hot chips before being barred… the manager and waiters knew me by face.

    I went there once to get dinner packed for my room mate but they didn’t allow me to order anything.

    I guess now I can go… I have changed alot.. atleast my friends feel so.

  3. I have heard Hot Chips tastes good. I once had at my uncle’s place when he had got it as parcel, It was ok. These restaurants are small ones and the staff are usually not very trained. So you should let them know what to bring first and you also cannot expect them to treat you like a king. The only criteria is if the food tastes good or not.

    Sharad: hahahah i never expected them to treat me like king…alas… but one should have the common sense what to bring first 🙂

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