Nuclear Deal

Note before Reading: The following content is entirely my own opinion. I am not responsible for misleading of views, if any caused by reading the article.The facts mentioned in the following content may very well be inaccurate and corrections will be welcomed.

Based on my previous article I thought of publishing my own view about the Nuclear Deal or the 123 agreement between Indian and USA which is about to topple the UPA government, in a very simple way so that anyone can understand it.

As per my understanding of the Deal from various newspaper articles, emails, and web readings, the deal will allow USA to make a one time exception in Atomic Energy Act of 1954 under section 123.

USA will provide India with nuclear fuel, machinery and assisting technology to help India produce nuclear power.

For that India must separate its civilian and military nuclear facilities and allow its civilian facilities to be inspected by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

India will be the first country to sign this pact without signing Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

The pros’s I think from this deal are

1.India will be able to produce more nuclear power, thus dependency on fossil fuel(read oil) will be less.

2.India may very well use the nuclear fuel it has, in military facilities.( Some one might not think it as an advantage.)

3. Improved India – USA relationship.

The con’s of this deal are

1. India has to separate and reveal its civilian and military facilities, and the former can be inspected by IAEA.

2. Even if the deal is breached by India, the facilities will still be open for inspection by IAEA.

3. India has to spent a whopping 50,000 Crore Rupees to double its nuclear power production to 6% .(Why not think about increasing power by hydro, solar and wind power projects?)

4. Spoiling relationship between India-Iran and India-China.( Was there any news about a big pipeline project for transfer of natural gas between India and Iran?)

I personally do not think we should go ahead with the nuclear deal.

There are many alternative sources of power generation present in India, the money would rather be spent upon exploring those, than to buy nuclear fuel.

I hope I kept it simple.


4 thoughts on “Nuclear Deal

  1. Bro, have a look at original draft posted on MEA website. May be it will change your perception about nuclear deal.

  2. I would Like to add some food for thoughts
    1) Why US wants this Deal to be signed anyhow?
    2) Since when US started thinking Indian welfare ?
    3) Why to become dependent on US ( Betrayer )
    4) After signing this treaty more Terrorist Attacks will be aimed to India
    5) If US want to sell us the Nuclear resources , then why is he imposing different conditions? Take the money and sell it…
    6) There are other resources to Produce the energy
    7) Does our MP knows.. what and why they are supporting..?
    8) From where Muslim MPs point of view came to concern ?

  3. I am agree to your points and say that we should invest 50000 crore /billion dollar in research projects for alternative energy sources like hydro, solar etc. and that will generate employment and set a example in front of whole world and our impression will be best than anyone other country. for more please visit

    Sharad: Hey Sandeep, Thanks for visitng!! I will visit your blog 🙂

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