What a pity

Times of India(Pune Edition) dated 17th July 2008 had published 2 articles, which once again popped the question, which I have asked to myself a 1000 times, IS INDIA A SECULAR COUNTRY?

The first article is Faculty at Stephen’s boycotts assembly in quota protest featured on page 11 first left column.

The second article is Most Muslim MP to vote for deal, featured on page 7 in middle column.

Surprisingly I could not find the second article in the online edition of the times of India.

I will talk about the second article first.

The gist of the article published in TOI is

Against the hope of opposition most of the Muslim MP in the country will vote for the N-Deal despite they being against the so called “Anti-Islamic” Bush Administration.There are in all 37 Muslim MPs out of which 26 belong to  UPA , and 11 to Anti-deal parties.

The state of Uttar Pradesh send the maximum 11 number of Muslim MPs to the Loksabha 7 of them from SP and 4 of them from BSP.

All MPs except 5 are going to support their party politics.

1 from SP and 4 from the BSP are going to go against the party.

(The facts and figures, are all taken from the TOI article, I am not to be blamed for the inaccuracies, if any.)

My point is how does religion comes into picture here??

I find the term Muslim MP very offending, I have never heard of a Hindu MP or Christian MP.

MP represent a constituency,represents the people and not any religion or sect. I do not understand the logic of classifying MP on the basis of religion and that too for a matter of national importance.

On top of all this TOI went an interviewed the so called Muslim MPs as well.

Is this not the murder of secularism by one of the leading English daily in India?

Instead of doing positive journalism, they themselves are bringing up things like these?

I mean why should one bother if he reads Quran or Gita when he is going to vote in a no-confidence motion against the government?

Indian economy is doomed and we are anticipating an early election if the government fails to win the motion, and TOI is worried about Muslim MPs??

I believe what TOI should have done, is publish a one page report with all the possible pros’s and con’s of the deal, views from experts, which not only would have helped many reader gain an insight about the deal, but also to many MP who do not know what it is.

Yes, do not be surprised, many of our Mps do not actually know what the N-Deal is all about, one for example is MP from Mumbai Mr Govinda Ahuja. Yes the beloved actor, who is pleaded by the congress top guns to be present for the no confidence motion as every vote counts.

I guess its time for TOI to do a introspection and time for the editor to be more careful.

Please do not bring religion into subjects of National importance, for me and many Indians, nation comes before religion. Some politically motivated, anti social elements are looking just for this kinds of sparks to fuel a religious riot.

I hope no one goes and ransacks TOI office.

Now I will turn to the first topic that is about the teachers at St Stephen’s college.

For all those do not know, the teachers of St Stephen’s are on protest and the protests come in the wake of the college deciding to appoint Christian candidates for all ad hoc posts that had come up vacant earlier last week in the department of history.

This is really ridiculous, quality should never be compromised and that is what being done by appointing ineligible candidates.

The teachers who are protesting are right, and should continue protest, but what about the students?Is anyone thinking that in all this protest the one who is actually suffering is them. They are being deprived of or will be deprived of the precious time and education which is rightfully theirs if the protest continues.

This reminded me of the reservation in IIT’s for the faculty by our ministry of education, which I ridicule.

I am not going to talk on the topic of reservation here as it will eat a thousand word at least, but I will write about reservation too, some other day.

I know the post has become lengthy, all I wanted to ask was IS INDIA A SECULAR COUNTRY?


7 thoughts on “What a pity

  1. I completely agree with you Sharad, India might be secular country as well but I really doubt if media is secular and responsible.The media may it be newspapers like TOI or various TV channels are no more interested in doing their basic role of awakening people and making them aware of whats happening around them.They are more interested in generating spicy news and gossips to boost up sales. Nice to read a blog which really makes everyone think where our country is heading today.
    Keep writing.

  2. Good try bro. but these guys print only those things which can catch your eyes. Now see, that article of muslim MPs is against ethics but it still catch your eye and force you to write a blog.

  3. Good observation dude…I don’t want to talk abt politics here..but i still think India is a secular country & i will remain as it is..I still remember the Dialogue from the movie Namastey London where Akshay explains to a british person that our prime minister is a Sikh who takes the oath from a muslim president and a catholic lady is the head of the ruling party etc.
    Even if media try to act as a Villian as decribed in this scenario i don’t think it is powerful enuf to break the secularism of our country.

  4. i don’t know how many people among the thousands of readers of TOI, even the editor for that matter, would have pointed it out.

    say again, some thousands, or hundreds (busy life and everybody is not as free as u are to think abt such irrelevant topics to them, and what more, to pen sorry type them down !!!)

    now, among those few,some would have pointed it out to their family members.For them it ends there. And u had the medium and appreciably, used it, to express it to a larger no. of people.

    and what next, tomorrow again, some must read daily for ALL MBA aspirants would publish so.

    also, what do u think of the title ” The Hindu”.

    the point, we, indians are great thinkers but when it comes to doing something we adopt “nothing will change in this country”, especially politics.

    i sincerely credit kudos to ur effort of doing,something.

    i wud suggest u to e-mail it the editor of TOI, if u havnt done it till now.
    india needs young educated people like u to come out of their shell.gr8 job.

  5. Bapat guru…I don’t consider TOI for this eye cathing content or report , what ever u say. ITs our fault only that we people are giving much importance to this…simple example is

    1) Because of the Content of the headline it forced u to read it
    2 ) May be I should not say but u used that content which attracted readers to comment in ur BLOG ( Including me :-))

    So….We are the only one who are making these things , If we will not give importance to these news…may be these kind of news will dissappear …

    Or because of us only, this time the news was on page 7th…next time u will find it a front page .

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