Yesterday, in my dream I saw a pleasant sight,
you were standing before me, dressed in white.

For you I know,I could have picked up any fight,
You looked gorgeous in the dim moonlight.

I wished to get close and hug you tight,
but when I got near, you vanished like a sprite.

I searched for you, with all my might,
I could not find you, although I searched all night.

I woke up from my dream, the Sun was shining oh-so bright,
I can neither forget the dream, nor the passion you ignite.


2 thoughts on “Poem-2

  1. mah first reaction was the trademark GS..

    the poems i write r directed by the words
    that rhyme the sentence and my true feelings to write remain only in the 1st 2 lines with only glimpses in between for the rest of the poem.
    but this short lil poem is simply magic.

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