Curfew, Movie and Marriage

My sister-in-law was getting married at Indore on 6th July.

I was on-board Pune-Indore express on 4th of July when at few minutes past 4pm many mobiles in my compartment started ringing.

There were few anxious faces around, and I too came to know from my brother that curfew has been declared in Indore, ( Curfew : An order that after a specific time certain activities (as being outside on the streets) are prohibited.) following the riots caused during Bharat Bandh.

Many people sought my advice when they came to know that I belong from Indore.

To people who were going to Indore first time, and to attend wedding, with old people and young children, I advised them not to go and get down at Kalyan.(why take unwanted and unnecessary risk.)

I decided to continue my journey, as I had a bleak hope of curfew being lifted, and anyways I did not dare to get down, after all my sis-in-law was getting married.

At least hundred people got down at kalyan, people who were having RAC thanked god for being so nice to them.

At Ujjain a few hours before Indore, the train was carrying only a handful of people.(as the curfew was not lifted.)

I got down at Indore railways station amidst curfew, I could not see a single soul outside the railway station, except few uniformed police man, and some fellow passengers.

Metro taxi ( smart taxi service running in Indore – a thing to be proud of) was given few curfew passes and was taking people from railway station to their places only on command by the police on duty at the railway station.

All of us were grouped according to our destination, and we were sent in a matador with a police man.

The usually crowded and dusty streets were all vacant, though children were playing cricket in many gullies.

I rested for few hours and then my wife and her uncle came to pick us for the wedding(they had a Curfew Pass.)

By the time I reached the venue, Sahara One news channel and many newspaper had already come and taken interview of bride to be and other people.

Wedding was phenomenal, despite being in curfew, you just have to see the spirit of the people.

The wedding ceremony truly became unique and memorable although you cannot and should not wish for such things.

I truly appreciate everyone present and involved in the wedding for having amazing spirit. Hats off people.

And then next day the curfew was lifted for few hours and in that few hours me,my brother, my wife, my sis-in-law and my bro-in law went out to see Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane na.. the new released movie starring cute Imraan Khan and beautiful Genelia. The movie was fresh and worth watching once.The songs were really cool.

Believe me the multiplex was houseful in spite of the tension prevailing in the city. Hats of to Indorians once again.

By the time I dropped my in-laws back home and was heading towards my home, the curfew was imposed again, and I was very tense driving the vehicle back with my wife and brother.

Fortunately nothing happened, and we reached home safely, only to get a shouting from my parents.

A truly memorable and happening trip.


One thought on “Curfew, Movie and Marriage

  1. this guy doesnt just have intelligence
    but even uses it too, anywhere possible.

    he speaks of dropping his in-laws back home,
    how shrewd of him as anyone would imagine a swift or a atleast a took-tooky 800.

    he again speaks of driving vehicle back with his wife n bro.

    leaving everything to ur imagination ,i wud only like to say, the vehicle’s used were a bike and a spirit that his brother cudnt drive at more than 40 km/hr.

    and u dont need an einstein’s brain or even for that matter his brother’s brain to suss out who this anonymous person is…

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