Pune Diary – From Sancheti to JM Mandir

The day I read the first copy of ‘Pune Mirror’ an excellent initiative by TOI(Times of India),although a true copy of Mumbai Mirror, except few basic changes, I wanted to write so many things about Pune.

I wanted to send many emails to Pune Mirror about the Good and Bad things they publish about Pune, somehow I couldn’t.

Yesterday my colleague dropped me at the Sancheti Hospital Signal, from where I could walk by to my home,and this walk from Sancheti to my Home(very near JM Mandir) made me write this post.

The signal was not working at the Sancheti Hospital square, it is one of the busiest square in the Pune city if not the busiest. Somehow my colleague found a quite spot amidst the chaotic traffic and ear blasting horns. I got out and waited for 2 minutes, and what I saw was really terrible.

There were 6 traffic cops at the signal, 2 were sitting on a bike parked very near the middle of the road, blocking half the traffic.

2 cops were negotiating how much money to take from a Kanbay staff bus they have made to  stop near the signal which was again blocking some traffic.

Rest four were simply standing and watching the chaos.I saw one of them spitting in middle of road. I guess spitting in public is not offensive in India.

I could not stay for long, and moved ahead, I was on the right hand side of road going from Sancheti to JM.

There was a well tiled footpath, a thing to be appreciated.I started walking on it, but after few steps, I had to get down of the footpath and started walking on the road as it was encroached by a tyre repair shop and 2 huge truck tyres were put in the middle of the footpath, which I was not in a mood to jump.

After overcoming the first hurdle I came back on the footpath again. but I could not walk anymore on it as now dining tables from various Chinese shops were put out and people were dining right there on the footpath.

So I have to walk on the road with care because PMT buses and other vehicles were ignoring the speed limit put near the board on the COEP college Hostel.

You might ask me that I should have walked on the other side of the road, but the story is very different on the other side.

First there is a Saibaba temple on the footpath and 10 ft on either side is very clean, fitted with a sitting bench on the footpath, and you can always find a couple on the bench as no one really cares to look at it.( I do and I did.) But I find it embarrassing for myself to walk past the couple and disturb them from whatever they are doing under Saibaba’s nose. So I have to cover half distance on road again, and the rest half of the footpath is a public toilet, no it does not have a public toilet, but people just relieve themselves on the footpath.

So I reached the Kalaniketan Signal where the footpath was blocked by vehicles parked on the footpath, but still there was some space.

I turned left for my home and there were 2 huge NO Parking signs on either side of the road. But tens of vehicle were parked on either side and the watchman of the hotel near my home was managing the parking.

There is also a wall painted with “येथे कचरा ताकू नए”( Do not dump any garbage) where everyone dumps the garbage.

I also found 2 people one girl and the other a guy on their respective vehicles standing in the middle of road, chitchatting, I had to say an excuse me to enter the gate of my apartment.


7 thoughts on “Pune Diary – From Sancheti to JM Mandir

  1. Hi.
    I work for the Pune Mirror. We read your blog and are interested on doing an article on it. Perhaps you could write it yourself.

    Do get in touch with us soon. My direct office line is 30112209. You could also try 30112292.
    Veda Aggarwal

  2. Alternatively, we could take pictures of the place ourselves, use what you’ve written in the blog and and give a link to to it at the end of the article.
    Veda Aggarwal

  3. तुझा लेख आवडला. असाच लिहीतस् राहा. तुला फावल्या वेळेत पत्रकारिता जरूर् जमेल. तुझे आजोबा कै. रा. र. खाडिलकर पुण्यामधे काही वर्षे पत्रकार म्हणून काम करीत होते. केसरी मधे ’भैरव बापू खाडिलकर्’ ची फुल पेज जाहिरात नेहमी असायची. लोकमान्य टिळक आपल्या घरी बनारसला येउन गेले आहेत्. रा.रा. तात्यासाहेब केळकर् संपादक केसरी आपल्या कडे आले होते
    मी बघितलेले पुणेकर म्हणजे दत्तो वामन पोद्दार्. लेखां साठि विषय
    १ पुणेरी मिसळ
    २ रिक्शावाला
    ३ लक्ष्मीरोड्
    ४ मुक्तांगण
    ५ बालगंधर्व रंगमंदिरच्या जवळेचे हातभट्टीचे अड्डे

  4. yes, a true picture is painted.
    don’t know till when Indians will need constant monitoring.
    we are taught all good family values but not the individual responsibilty towards society.

    nice blog buddy, it requires presence of mind; coming out of our personal problems and write something. keep writing with same wit and simplicity.

  5. you know what sharad, we here in US constantly compare the conditions of traffic,roads,people etc with our Indian counterparts.We do loads of discussions and endup saying same thing “Its difficult to change things back home”.Changes can take place and must take place.But how,when ?

  6. Shalaka, yes you are right, changes can take place and must take place.

    For you question how and when?

    I guess we only have to do something for it.
    Just discussing and comparing things will not help. We have to come up with ideas, suggestions, improvements, and we should also be ready to take part in the change.

    The change will come when we ourselves will change.

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