Bottle Gourd

The other day I was chatting with one of my closest friend, she asked me a simple question “what did you have for your lunch today??” I was caught off-guard, I forgot what the vegetable was called in English, I thought I really did not pay attention in my nursery  class when they taught names of commonly used vegetables, then I remembered I never went to a nursery class.But it was not an excuse, I tried explaining her that the vegetable is green in color, its long,it belongs to the pumpkin family and what not till 10 more minutes, until she said did you eat “Lauki”( we call Bottle Gourd as “Lauki” in Hindi). Oops..I simply forgot that she understands Hindi, she is from South India and we met in Chennai, and so despite of my knowing that she knows Hindi, it never occurred to me that I can simply tell her the name of the vegetable in Hindi. Impact of too much English in our life?? We rarely speak in Hindi and that is why I let her guess the vegetable.

Then I asked her, whether she remembers what it’s called in English she answered Bottleguard, she was wrong of course because its called Bottle Gourd and not guard, and anyways she is poorer in English than me and I call her Pie (Poor in English) although a Sweet one.

Bottle Gourd is very beneficial for health, especially for heart, and you can have a glass full of its juice if you are on a weight loss program too.

Another of funny incident. Hope it brings a small smile on your face.

And yes for your reference, in case you don’t remember what a bottle gourd looks like, here is a pic for you.




2 thoughts on “Bottle Gourd

  1. Hehehehe… Maybe u shud attend nursery again… or maybe u shud buy those charts with the names and pictures of Vegetables on it and learn them along with ur kid :D… And just because ur friend spelt the vegetable wrong, doent mean she dint know it.. atleast she knew better than u… hehehehe

  2. While watching ramdev on internet he has mentioned. Heart problem people should drink gourd juice. He said its benifical for heart patients

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