Intelligent Eyesight

Constant staring at monitor, reading lots of books in dim light is harmful for ones eye.

Because of the above mentioned habits of mine, I suffered from a recurring headache.

My doctor advised me to get my eyesight checkup done.

I went to an eye specialist. They have a standard procedure there, they ask you to read from a board hung at some distance, first from the right eye and then the left(one eye at a time).(the board is simlar to the one in pic below)


The doctor at work asked me to read it from my right eye and I was able to read every word without any difficulty.Then she closed my right eye and ask me to read the same from left eye.

I was in funny mood and I told the doctor that I have the words by heart now, and I can read them with both of my eyes closed.

She gave a wry smile to me and told me, ” We do come across over smart people like you, and that is why we ask them to read the board from the bottom, that is in reverse order.”

She told me however smart you think you are, in such a small time even if you remember all the letters you cannot repeat it with same speed as you did with the other eye in reverse order.

Lesson I learnt :” Smartness can be turned into stupidity just by blink of a single eye”.

It was one funny incident in my life, which I thought is worth sharing.


One thought on “Intelligent Eyesight

  1. Are bapat guru ..muze kya laga ki tum likhne wale ho ki…..Bhiya office me Roj mai screen par itne chote letters hi padhta hun..sala isliye meri aankhe kharab ho gayi hai….aur tum yahan bhi muzse ye hi kam karwa rahe ho 🙂
    noways good experience

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