Types of People -3

Creatures in Office continued…..

7. Annoying Askers

This kind of people are really annoying.They simply keep on asking questions.I feel that either they lack confidence to do anything or simply do not have the skills to do anything.Asking questions, even stupid questions is good, but just asking questions every time, even for simple things, very simple things which even a 5th standard(No I am not saying “Kya aap paanchvi paas se tej hain”) student will not ask, is annoying. This kind of people are really very dependant on others advice and are existing on others advice, what happens to them at last is they belong to nowhere..asking questions to everyone they meet and getting answers of different kind from different people leave them nowhere.This kind of people rarely excel, at least I have not seen any one belonging to this kind do well. The only good things this kind of peopledo is they make you believe that at least you are better than someone. Whoa…. what a motivation?

I am stopping the series Types of people Creatures in Office here… with annoying askers, as I have too many other things on my mind to write and post.


3 thoughts on “Types of People -3

  1. hahaha… you are smart.. I thought you must have guessed it.I cannot tell on whom the types is based. That is a secret. I want to live and remember I am still in the team.

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