Pizza Hut

I went to Pizza hut yesterday and I had some mouth watering pizza to eat.

I also had my “Pizza Hut” favourite ebony and ivory there after a long long time.


 The tradition at Pizza hut is that, if you are satisfied with their service you should ring the bell and as soon as you ring it all the employees of Pizza hut will say a loud “Thank You”.

I was just thinking… if someone is working at Pizza hut for a long time, and he sincerely says a loud Thank you every time the bell rings, well what happens when he is at home and someone rings the will hear a loud Thank you instead of the door being opened…funny ain’t it.

This kind of things do happen, last time when I went to my home town after a long time and when I was dialing to a friend using land-line I instinctively dialled ‘9’ first, only to hear the number you have dialled is invalid.


4 thoughts on “Pizza Hut

  1. But i don’t like nything in pizza hut except the concept of ringing the bell.Itz not worthy to spend ur money thr.

  2. hey i love pizzas especially from pizza hut..i have tried different pizza houses dominos,smoking joes…but nothing could be compared to pizza hut..compared to India, US pizza sizes are large. The Large Size pizza in India is Medium sized here.But the taste remains same across globe i believe.Hmmmmmmm Yummmyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

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