Types of People – 2

Creatures in Office continued…..

4. Innocent Idiots

This kind of people are really very innocent, and anyone can take advantage of their innocence any time.In fact they make themselves so vulnerable that even the people who are idiot, but not innocent take their advantage. When you go to cafeteria with them, you can sit and enjoy MTV or watch cricket match and they will stand in queue to get the snack or tea for you. Even you can delegate your work to them, and if its done properly you take away all the credit, and if not the blame entirely goes to II(Innocent Idiots). You can compare them to donkeys. Mind me donkeys are most selfless, hardworking creatures. Yes II do all the hard work, but rarely get appreciated for it, and when they make smallest of mistakes they are beaten up and screwed. I sometimes feel bad about II’s but I guess whatever happens to them is not entirely others fault.

5. Diplomat Dude’s

Very smart kind. This are the kind of people who believe in “Work smart,not hard”. This are the people who take full advantage of people belonging to II category. They hardly work(as they delegate it to the II kind), and are mostly found in the neighbouring cubicle or with a friend at coffee vending machine.Even if they do not know a single thing about what is said or being talked in the team meetings,discussions, technical sessions etc,they pretend as if they know all. They have always got a reason or argument for anything said against them. They take all the credit for the work they don’t do.It feels good to talk to them as they will have all the good things to talk on your face.They do talk bad about you but only on your back.I have found one very interesting trait in this kind of people, when in team gathering and eating outs they hardly or I should say never spent a single penny from their pocket, and surprisingly a very few take a note of it.

6. Smart Studs

There is very minute difference between this kind and the one mentioned above.This kind of people know what they are talking about.They are extremely confident(not over confident like DDs). They are the one who really work smart.They are not afraid of telling your shortcomings on your face and they do not lag behind in complimenting you when you do something good.But it is very hard to find the difference between this type and DDs. They are also mostly find in neighbouring cubicles and near coffee vending machine, but that’s not because they have delegated all their to some one, but because they have worked smartly and finished the work well before time. This is are the kind of people with a good sense of humor and you will usually find people around them smiling or laughing.They are the ‘Jaan’ of any team.

                                                               Types of People – 1 

                                                                To be continued……..


2 thoughts on “Types of People – 2

  1. One More Kind ..would Like to add into, can be called “Information Centers”, let me explain their character .
    They can always be found Online on Messanger or Communicators, They like to use every possible mean of communication to keep u updated with all the happenings , starting from Project ( who is who in different Projects ), Politics, Entertaintment, Sports…. Every Information will on thier finger tips… They are far from any Technical or Logical details , others can confuse them with the Intelligent people

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