Types of People – 1

There are numerous types of people in this world.

Creatures in my office

1.No Chivalry

You will notice them as soon as you get into the office.The doors are access controlled, automatic type so as to prevent unauthorized access. As the door closes automatically it ricochet hard after you open it.This kind of people never take into account if anyone is coming just behind them, they will open the door and leave it…bang…the person behind, if not careful will get a bang for sure.There are few others belonging in the same category, who, I do not know if they are in some sort of hurry or are too lazy, will try to sneak in through the door opened by someone, without flashing their own card. Yesterday only, I stood two paces behind the main entrance as the person who went in just before me was belonging to this category. A lady from behind came rushing and got in the corridor from the narrow opening of the door. I stood there gasping.
Then there are people who need to be taught some kind of lift(elevator) etiquette’s.They think as if the lift is made exclusively for them. They will not wait for you to get out and if you are not careful enough, you get one more bang, because they want to get in as soon as the lift door opens.

2. In their Own World

This type of people believe they are the only creatures left alive in this world, rest all are dead.
You can see them talking to themselves(initially I thought they are using a blue-tooth or a wireless headset to talk on their mobile, but I was wrong), counting the tiles on the floor or counting the number of steps on stairs. While in the lift they will talk to themselves or hum some unknown song.You need to call out their name at least 3 times before they can hear you. In the cafeteria also they will be found sitting in some corner alone. I do not know whether they do not have enough confidence, or they are very arrogant and thinks ahhhh I am not at the right place, or are they seeking some kind of solace.

3. Know All Smileys

This kind of people seem to know each and every one in the office, they smile at everyone they see, they talk to the receptionist, the office boy, the peon, the maintenance people.In fact they talk to everyone around.You will find them saying “Hi, Hello” a thousand time in the day to hundreds of people. They always seem to know the right contacts, Have connections with the cafeteria staff, so as to get good quality stuff in time.They get the best seat to watch a match in cafe when many others don’t even have space to stand. You can reach them anytime, they are available 24*7 for any kind of help.

                                                              To be continued….. 


3 thoughts on “Types of People – 1

  1. Hey..Bapat,
    Last catagory reminds me my college days..One of my friend always use to have friendship with the so called B’grade people..
    1) College bus driver or conductor
    2) Canteen wala
    3) Library wala
    4) Lab assnt.
    5) pan wala

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