I had written this poem long back on one of my outdated blog http://sharadbapat.blogspot.com

It was appreciated by many and I also like it, so publishing it here also, hope to get some good response.I don’t know whether it can be called as poem or not, but yes you can call it my feelings.

Love…Love is like this
Sometime hand in hand, sometime memories
Sometime understandings, sometime fights
Sometime maturity, sometime kiddingLove…Love is like this
Sometime sadness, sometime happiness
Sadness to understand the value of happiness
Love teaches us to live life
Love makes us fool and makes us wise
You need to spend everything in love,
But whatever you spend you have always got more

Love…Love is like this
Love is a ray of hope in darkness of despair
Love is like God’s prayer.
Love repairs our broken dreams
Love has got no extremes

Love…Love is like this
Love has no start and no end
Love is all straight with no bend
Love is plenty, Love is timeless
Love gets you out of every mess

Love…Love is like this
Sometime expressed by emotions
Sometime by smile, sometime by tears
Sometime by touch, sometimes by eyes
Sometime by speech, sometime silently
Sometimes by anger, sometime by love

Love…Love is like this
Sometime it’s done knowingly
Sometime it happens unknowingly

Love…Love is like this
Sometime for mother, sometime for father
Sometime for brother, sometime for sister
Sometime for lover, sometime for wife
Sometime for friends, sometime for friendship
Sometimes for relatives, sometime without relation

There is nothing more beautiful in this world like Love



So…be in love….


3 thoughts on “Poem

  1. Love is …Love is Like Waste of Time…
    Most times End Less Calls
    Most times Money Less Pockets
    Most Times Lots of Cries

    This is my Theory Bapat guru..:-)

  2. A beautiful poem 🙂 like most of them u have written… u shud put some more of ur poems here…

    LOVE… Loss of valuable Energy is all i can think of right now 🙂

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. As the age old cliche for love goes…

    “u can love love,
    u can hate love,
    but u can’t ignore love.”

    its upto u what u wanna do with it.

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