Indore Meri Jaan

After a long long time I had a chance to visit my native place Indore.


For all of you who have not heard about it, Indore is the economic,industrial capital of Madhya Pradesh, heart of India.It is a place famous for namkeen’s,poha,jalebi,chai,garaduand numerous other food items.It is also famous for its warm hearted people.

 I could not even get out of the bus and I was spotted by the autowala…he shouted on top of his voice, “white shirt,blue jeans mera hai”.(The guy in white shirt and blue jeans is mine). His rickshaw was parked( I should say it was blocking atleast3 other vehicles) on the other sideof the road. I asked him to come over to this side as I had a lot of luggage with me. He replied with all the humbleness “bhiya,petrol faltu jalega,aap ka saaman mai le chalta hu”.(Why to waste unnecessary fuel, don’tworry I will carry over your luggage to the other side).He carried the luggage, and in the process of crossing the road he cursed two vehicle owners coming, they abused him as well, after which he winked to them, they smiled, and the road was crossed. I knew I was in the real Indore.

I got into the auto but I realised that the meter was not working, he very causally told me that the wire is broken, and asked me exorbitant sum of 80/rs “Assi rupayee de dena saab”. I said “paagal ho gaye ho kya”(Have you gone mad??”) and was about to come out of the auto, when he said saab boni nahi huyi hai.( I have not carried a single passenger from morning). I told him I will give not a single rupee more than 50. He replied I will take you for free Sir, please be seated.

He dropped me at my place, and when I asked him how much to give, He once again very politely and humbly told me if you want give me sixty rupees, or I will think I have dropped my younger brother to home. I gave him 60 rs.

I just wanted to share this anecdote with you.If I would really start writing about Indore meri Jaan, a book can be published.


10 thoughts on “Indore Meri Jaan

  1. Nice Blog. I went to Indore only once and i really liked poha.Indore ka poha roxs 😀 :D. Keep writing abt indore that will surely increase my knowledge abt indore 😀 😀

  2. Sahi hai dost…But I am really mising these all things. You can consider it as a “Customer Care” in India if you are a customer then you are king…But out side India..If u r a customer , still u would be begging for the care..
    Sala “Bohani nahi hua hai sabere se” ye wala dialogue to pata nahi kitne salon se chala aa raha hai 🙂

  3. बहुत बढिया लगा । अरे भाई अब हिन्दी मे भी लिखा करो। कैसे? हमसे जानो ।

  4. i have been in Indore for 15 days in August 2008.

    What a improvement. i was really enjoyed.

    one thing, as am a South indian, i had problem in eating poha, jelabi in the morning.

    otherwise i too love indore.

    my friend is working as a Physiotherapist in IIMS, Indore.

    nice to know that you liked Indore, same problem as I faced eating idli,dosa all 3 meals of a day while I was in chennai.

  5. Well, i miss Indore as badly as every indori out of indore would do. But, u know what guys my leave are confirmed and i am going Indore (MY HOME) for 9 Days.

    The first thing i am gonna do at indore is have a plate of Poha Jalebi… Ahhh i miss that the most. Sarafa k samosa corner par Samosa, Kachori, Vijay wale k Patis, Butte ka keess, Sarafa ki gali ka Jaleba (For people who dont know what that is.. it is a Jalebi a bit bigger in size appx. 250 Gms. per peace made in Desi ghee) Johny ka Hot Dog, Sharma Ji ki Coffee.

    Ahhh i miss indore like hell guys……..

    if any 1 of the readers wants anythng done in Indore write me back and i promise i will do it on your behalf.

    PS: i will be in Indore from 12 June 2010 to 19 June 2010

  6. True, Indore is one of its sort and no other place can give us (indori’s ) joy as good as being in indore,I also miss indore too much, joshi ka dahibada, nagori ki lassi, vijay chjat ka petis, sarafa ke malpuye, chitiwala ka lunchpack, dal bafla aur laddoo, cloth market ke kapde chhappan ki pani puri, really missing indore

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