MTV Roadies

I never watched until yesterday, a single episode of the very popular MTV Roadies.

Yesterday while browsing through the channels once the close contest between Mumabi Indians and Delhi Daredevils was over, I saw a beautiful girl on MTV, who turned out to be one of the participants of MTV Roadies.


The host was explaining Nihal and Ashutosh, ‘The two finalist’  list of 5 tasks his 5 supporters needs to complete in order to make him the winner.

The tasks kept my interest to keep watching the the show.The tasks were

1. One supporter has to go completely bald.

2. One should Pierce the nipples.

3.One should donate all his clothes including the undergarments(Newspaper and stapler was provided).

4.Kiss a weird looking species of lizard.

5. Nihal’s supporter will get a slap from Ashu and vice-versa.

Well well…given the fact that there were 3 female supporters in Nihal’s team and 2 in Ashu’s my eyes were all glued to TV.

But unfortunately it was not like one has to perform one task only, so in the end I felt like all I did was waste my time.

I did not write this post for letting you know about MTV roadies, but many questions came to my mind:

The 5 tasks were completed by both the teams, but Was it Worth it?

How many of us will really do a Single task out of 5 mentioned above? and when its going to be aired on MTV?? and what will one get by doing the tasks??(the people who did the task were already declared losers).

Well keep your answers with you. neither my questions nor your answers are going to make any difference.


22 thoughts on “MTV Roadies

  1. This is the One of the Phadtus serial I have seen, Sale log bahut hi nicha girte ja rahe hain yar….aur Ladkiyon ka to level sala bahut hi girta ja raha hai….

  2. hi this is ziya khan
    from Bangalore
    i m interested to join in the MTV ROADIES
    THIS IS MY I D {}

    If you are MTV not me

  3. ohhh Gawd !!!!! i guess u guys are being kicked by raghu in roadies auditions ,,,,,,,,,, dats y u r saying dat …….


    hahaha, I have no time to appear for such auditions, by the way I do like to watch the foolishness it shows at times.

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